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Aug 21, 2009

Chiru Chiru... Grow Up!!

These days whenever an issues crops up with the government or opposition they are ready to blame those two dailies namely (Eenadu and Andhra Jyothi). I already have a very very low opinion of the media these days thanks to the overenthusiastic non-news material glorification most of the times leaving aside the original content. There is often so much of distortion involved that it almost always leaves me wondering where we are heading to. If this what is being documented as today’s news what actually are we going to pass on to next generation, the truth, the x-party version, or y-party version.. WHAT???… shhh… ento kaaram tinna kaakilaga nenu kaavu kaavu manadam tappa emi maaratledu.. sigh!!!

When there were rumors that Chiru would be starting a party and when he has finally launched his party after so much of planning, when he started taking the party-jumpers from all parties into his and giving them importance, when he gave the reins of the party to his brother-in-law just like he did with his family and movies, when his supporters, the so-called fans, etc. began to desert him, all the while.. I just had one prediction, this guy just does not have any individuality, he does not have what it takes to be a leader, he might be having best of the political minds slogging in the background, must he just lacks the skill to lead it from the forefront. I might be wrong but the events so far have proved me right.

The person who claimed to take the state by sweep, predicting a single party majority, a replay of NTR’s political entry in the state, could not even win one of the constituencies he contested in. I just doesn’t work that way any longer, the media, the awareness among people, the kind of poly tricks people play are just too much for a newcomer.

I have always thought of Eenadu as a supporter of PRP or at least a person who promoted PRP right from its inception, so this sudden outcry of aa rendu patrikalu is something which is not digestable. I don’t know much truth is there in the headline story of Eenadu.. Jenda Peekeddama. But whatever it is I just fail to understand what the paper is going to get from it or for that matter what even TDP or any other party other than Congress is going to gain anything from it considering the only party which is in a win-win situation from this petty fight is the ruling party.

The downfall of this guy is brought by his own fans and party workers who went berserk attacking anyone and everyone verbally and having that mob mentality with break everything mentality. There was lack of control all over. The pre-planning part and all, the secrecy, the buildup, nothing absolutely nothing could save it from falling flat on its fate…

Even now, it is not too late and rather than extending party-based support in the assembly, try to be good with issue-based support be it govt. or the opposition, go all out for good causes and keep away from distractors. Have that far sight and you will know who benefits the most from such kind of tricks. If you want to serve the people, the best way is to work for their welfare, not get into mudslinging like everyone else…

Cant wait to see what unfolds next on this front…

All I can say Good Luck Common Man!!!!

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Ramya said...

A Person who fails to maintain some ethics cannot succeed what you said is one hundred percent right.

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