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Aug 18, 2009

Ennalani Daaguntaave Paina!!!

Yeah you guessed it right, am talking to Mr. Vaana Rao adenandi mana rain God.

It has been a reaaaaaaaaaal long summer this time.... Rohini Karthe is supposed to be the hottest time of the year when there would be heat like nothing before that year.. rohini kaartheki rollu kooda baddalaipotay antaaru. It is bhaadrapadam now and still it continues, I felt the summer this year was actually cooler than now..phew!!. I am yet to see a good rain this year. I love it when it rains.. the leaves that have gathered dust and look otherwise listless on trees now have that green hue which makes it worth watching, the hot road under the feet giving way to a cool touch, the canals filled with water, the wells full of it. I used to hate to go out in rains because of the stench and mosquitoes and all that at one time but now I dont mind anything, ANYTHING for rains. As I said, I stay in a village now, very close to nature, very close to the annadaata the farmer and see how people wait for each season and how each season has its own unique flavor in their lives. It disheartens me to see them wait day in and day out for rains so that the crops grow well. It is already a high-time with the raise in food-grain prices and all that going around that there is some decent amount of rain..

For a city brought-up individual rains meant nothing but fun and mess to me... now, when I see lives depend on it and how, it does feel different..

The drought-like situation in the state is really really disheartening. I live in Krishna basin, so I hear that things are a little better because of it being the rice-bowl and with water being released here but when I see the newspaper of the wilted trees and parched land elsewhere I feel like crying...

No greenery everywhere..
No grass for cattle, hence the scarcity for milk, the first time I am hearing about this in my life!!!
No water for daily needs... people waiting for hours to get a bucket of water to use for daily ablutions.
No drinking water.. people standing in queues and fighting at taps for a potful of water, the safety of which is doubtful.
No power because of dried up reservoirs and river basins...

and finally when it rains a little after so much of wait, we have no way that they are managed well, nothing like water irrigation plans in place. With no contingency plans in the drought-like situation in place, with no way of being ready for sudden downpour with non-existent drainage system, I wonder what the govt. is doing other than making the most silliest comments.

The ever-ready cartoons of the state, yeah, you heard it right the cartoons called the ministers and the opposition are busy blaming each other... I dont know what else to call them when a responsible chief minister of the state give a funny reason for no rains. "It seems the rain god got scared that Maha Kootami might form the govt. and went back without giving rains." Every time I hear any comment by them I feel they cant get any worse and to my astonishment they do their best and leave my mouth gaping open... why do people still believe these cartoons!!!!Grrrr...

Finally, read an article in Eenadu the other day, the Sunday supplement about a place called Hiware Bazaar (check the link) in Maharashtra, supposedly an ideal village which now tops my list of MUST-SEE places. Can I ever make such a difference to my village, I know I can but WHEN is the question that haunts me..... if at least one person takes an oath and sincere determination our India will become a gold mine that it was :).

1 comment:

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, i just love rains. kaavaalani venaka mundhu aalochinchakundaa varsham lo thadisina rojulu boledu naa past lo. they used to be so good.

but ikkada antha scene ledhu. year ki rendu moodu rojulu varshaalu padathai. anthe... :(

mana politicians gurinchi sariggaa cheppav. aa madhya "idiocracy" ani oka cinema chusaa. lokoam andharu verri yedhavalu aipothe ela untundho chupisthaadu. mana govt paristhithi kuda alaane undhi ippudu. thelivi thakkuva commentlu vesthunnaru okari meedha okaru

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