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Aug 16, 2009

Frisk(y) Factor!!

This post is a long pending one, had wanted to post on this issue quite a few days ago when Mr. Kalaam was frisked at the airport. Seriously, I do not understand what the hue and cry is all about. This is an issue which was happening all the while. I have seen people being called out of lanes in the security check area and taken for questioning. I have seen people being checked out for hours even before giving the boarding pass just because they belong to a particular religion. Why has not the government bothered at all when such things were brought to notice.

I have every respect for the great man Mr. Kalaam is and it becomes multifold the way he handled the issue that happened to him in his motherland where he held the highest office of the nation. He did not react, he took it normally even when the whole nation made a hue and cry about it and that died the natural way without him adding fuel to the fire. I dont agree with the fact that people are randomly checked out based on the "religion" factor for no fault of theirs. I very well understand that not just US or UK but maybe the whole non-Islamic world is wary of them because of the unfortunate events that shook the world and are unfortunately now deemed a threat to world peace, but is singling out innocent individuals and putting them through this type of a drill warranted for no fault of theirs. Is just belonging to one group such a huge issue that you are treated differently from the rest of us.

I agree that giving diplomatic cover and letting them go without a check at the terminal is not safe.. whatif that particular VIP exempted out of the security check is under a blackmail and had to something unwanted and put the entire unit under threat. I dont agree with NO-CHECK AT ALL thing. When I am subjected to a check as a common man, so is the other person even if he comes under the VVVVIP cadre. In fact, it is a must to check each and every individual the same not just a particular group, be it the current President of United States or a common man.

I dont like it when a common man is strip checked or detained just the same when the celebrity is. If Shahrukh is pissed off with his mighty mighty connections what about a common man do other than just silently go through it all.. and yes, Shahrukh refusing to seek apology from US is funny, I seriously doubt if they will ever do that and even if they do, they need to tender an apology to every person singled out on the same rationale not just Mr. Khan.

Coming to politicizing things, Indians come first as usual.. Ambica Soni saying that they can do the same to the US guys.. come on, grow up.. fight the issue.. not tit for tat.. we are not kids!!!

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Satish Bolla said...

baaga cheppav akka. dheeni meedha nenu kuda naalugu mukkalu raadhaam ani drop ayya

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