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Aug 6, 2009


The fact that I have a blog and love flaunting the readership stats means that I love and cherish it and love it all the more when people comment on it. There have been instances when I made a few good friends to talk to and share a lot of things in person too and there also have been instances where people pissed me off with misunderstandings. There have been a few moments which left a bad taste in my mouth like the comments of OH regarding the content on the blog and all that but no matter what I kept writing, pouring out my feelings, just blabbering, lurking, delurking and a lot of things. There also have been moments where people liked the way I express myself and want to be friends with me for what I express on the blog. To say it is all common, it does not effect me and all, I would be lying, I am flattered when people do open up with me.. so one such instance has happened recently where a person stumbled on my blog searching for jola paatalu and ended up liking the blog itself and wanted to be friends with me.. so this is for that person, thank you for considering me worth your friendship and hey you forgot to mention your mail id, so send it to me in the comment.

I blog anonymously but a lot of people who know me also know that I have a blog and some do follow it up religiously and some do random hopping. Other than that, there are a few people who know what I am, where I am but havent seen me in person.. so in a way anonymity is only for the fear of any messy issues and also it gives us the cover blanket to express our feelings without the fear of being judged in person..

So dear friend, this post is because I cant reply back to your kind words of appreciation in person.... and yeah, before I forget you made my day :).

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