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Sep 25, 2009

Ayyo Paapam :(

Staying in a village for this long a stretch in my adult life is the first time.. It has nearly been a year and all year round I have been getting to know a whole lot of things about climate, people, village every other day.. each day has been a new learning day, most of the times making me want to stay in the village for ever and ever.

I have been witness to a lot of events, both good and bad. I stay in a house where me and LO happen to cohabit with a lot of other creeping and crawling creatures of God.. you got it right, snakes, lizards, chameleons, centipedes, millipedes, caterpillars, butterflies, toonegalu, houseflies, and sometimes (polaallo kotalu unde timelo) mosquitoes, scorpions, birds of various species (crows, sparrows, pigeons, woodpeckers, bluebirds, parrots.. inka Englishlo raani perlu gorinkalu, neeti kaakulu, kongalu, teetuvu pittalu) and yeah how I can forget the stray dogs along with the pet dogs, buffaloes, cows, ducks, hens, cocks, chicks, goats, lambs and sometimes visited by monkeys and mongoose too.. sigh!!!! population burst I guess :(. It is good in one way that we respect each others privacy and stay away from each other and try to live happily ever after.

Usually if we happen to see a snake in the yard, we just ignore.. but if it comes on the varendah or balcony area then that becomes its last journey. I was born in this place, never saw a snake but after LO I have seen quite a few of them and in fact very recently a few baby snakes got killed.. 3 to be precise by venturing into our territory :(((((... with the baby, no one wanted to take chances despite my pleas and yeah they were of a poisonous breed.

... and yeah how can I forget those various species of black and red ants that seem to crop up from nowhere if a sweet item or even a sugar cube is allowed unattended :((.... and LO has been their target more than once, so I now resort to using gamaxine powder and killing them and closing the anthill when any of us happen to see one.. :((

Now my latest target is the caterpillers (gongali purugulu)... the eeks creatures which turn into beautiful butterflies later on. If they happen to fall on the body, their fur is so stingy that it hurts a lot.. now is the season of the caterpillars and everywhere I see I can find one.. so my duty these days is to watch out the walls, bed posts, and swing and kill if anything happens to be there.. :(( ayyo ayyo ayyo... feel so bad, but after experiencing the sting myself a few times I cant risk putting LO through it and hence the killing spree so much so that any insect within 10 mts. of the house gets killed lest it enters the house/bed/swing :(((.. sorry guys and may your souls rest in peace and sorry dear butterflies for killing your future buddies, I have no choice. I tried to tell them not to come into the house, tried shifting the bed into the center of the room, tried shooing them away but they obviously dont understand my language...

RIP :((((

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Smiley said...

You really are very observant and compassionate.

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