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Sep 5, 2009

Chukkallokekkinaadu Chakkanodu

I have never heard this song before YSR's untimely death. The channels have been airing this song all the while along with a few others but this one seemed to be suiting him the most, and touched me to the core.. just loved it

Movie: Gemini.

Singer: Vandemaataram Srinivas..

Chukkallokekkinaadu chakkanodu, eppatiki evvariki chikkanodu.

Talladilli potundi talli annadi.. bottu raalchukuntundi kattukunnadi.

Paade ettadaanike snehamannadi.. korivi pettadaanike koduku unnadi. !!chukkallo!!

Poyinodu ika raadu, evadikevadu todu.. unnavaadu poyinodi gurutu niluputaadu

Nuvvu tinna manneraa ninnu tinnaadee.. kannellaku katte kooda aaranannadee..

chaavu bratukulannavi aadukuntavee.. chaavuleni snehame todu untadee… !!chukkallo!!

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