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Sep 8, 2009

Dear Daughter - 5

Dearest LO:

This has been the most eventful month in your life. You have given me enormous pleasure just by giving that angelic smile of yours but at the same time I must say I have not been as good a mother, me being busy with office work, extra-curricular activities (which I seriously need to cut down) and yeah limit the net-time too, which I promise myself would mostly certainly do.

This month was a beginning of so many festivals and so many milestones. The month began with you flipping over on your 5th month birthday and making a huge fuss about it yelling and screaming making sure everyone in the vicinity got to see the milestone and shower you with blessings.

Then came your introduction to solids gradually with just a pinch of solid, mashed stuff, which is supposed to be the first steps for your lifelong eating habits. I just pray and hope that you dont turn out to be a fussy eater, you value what is in your plate, you do not waste even a single grain of rice, you understand the importance of sharing what you have with others and never turn away a person hungry at any time, never throw tantrums at food, and also strive to fill as many plates as you can (I know I am asking for too much but this is what I want you to do from the bottom of my heart, but again no force).

We have had so many festivals and events that you were an active part of much to my delight. The Janmashtami wherein you put your tiny tiny feet with rice flour, just to be washed away in moments with a stormy rain but I am glad it did rain after a long wait. Loved you my li'l Krishna to bits, just hope you be as naughty and as bright as he was in his childhood.

Then came the Independence day, where we attended the flag-hoisting at a local school and dived into the festive spirit and indulged in that happy moment of being true-blue Indians, I wish you love your nation as much as you love me (I will assume you do love me for my satisfaction okay, no force.. you decide) and even more and strive to be worthy of it. Rather than being a cribbing Indian like your mom (yours truly) do something actively and bring the motherland a lot of pride (high hopes but again nothing wrong). Share what you have with the underprivileged and feel happy for what you have than crib what others have. We made a small beginning with goody box sharing with local school kids, whose blessing dear LO are more than anyone can shower on you and the glint in their eye will always remain with me. I can just pray you continue this tradition throughout. No point giving parties for celebration for those who already have a lot and who will never understand the worth of a filled stomach or the hunger in an empty stomach. Just feed the needy and God will feed you and give you more strength to do so. I know I am expecting too much and rubbing my feelings already on you saying that you are free to do whatever you want..

Then the most critical moment, the ear piercing, the time when I had to decide yes or no. Lots of opinions were the sooner the better including the doc's so went ahead and got it done. This one is something which I am still under dilemma as to what is done is right or wrong. I know being a girl you would just love having those dangling things on your ears and I dont want you to feel that pain when you are older and the skin becomes more taut.. now you are not aware of pulling at your ears, so I went ahead and got it done with a heavy heart. I want only the best for you dear and I promise that this is the last decision that I will take without your consent on your body for beautification. When you are fussy because of teething issues, it makes me feel guilty, maybe the ear is stinging but no your smile and angry biting again soothes my soul...

So much happening so soon and I honestly dont want you to grow this fast.. I already am counting my blessings and wondering how long this first-saga would last with you rapidly crossing all the firsts... I want to cherish each moment all the more and yeah more than any one's evil eyes, it is my nazar that you are getting :(((((((((... need to keep a tab on that. In my eagerness not to let go of a single moment, I am always stuck to you, maybe others are right.. i shouldnt.. well anything for your well-being..

Love you kiddo..

Be a source of joy not just to me, but everyone in contact you... spread it across!!!

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