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Sep 30, 2009

?????.. enduku, why, kyun??

Sex, the dictionary says, means the state of being either male or female/the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles
activities associated with sexual intercourse

Gender -- the physical and/or social condition of being male or female.

What I fail to understand is why use the term sex instead of gender in all the forms. why??? why???

In a nation where speaking about sex in open is a taboo, other than in the context of gender, why?????

on that note.. if just talking about it is a taboo then why is the population burst???????


Smiley said...

What is the cause of your sudden outburst? Or is it a genuine confusion? I think that 'sex' was the term used everywhere until everyone moved to using 'Gender', and India is just lagging a bit to catch up. And about the taboo and the population burst, it might seem absurd but they can't be directly related. :-)

Sree said...

not a sudden outburst smiley.. just wondering.. i know they cant be ;).. welcome to the blog by the way..

Krishna Kumar said...

Manchi topic..and chaala rojula tarvata nee blog lo comment vesing..

Ika vishayaaniki vaste..

In my point of view SEX in some context can be used as noun(male/female)

and also in some context we can use it as a Verb(Having Sex)..anta kante taboo em ledu..

But i don't know why ppl are more concern about the verbal form of that word..however what i would like to tell u copy,paste would be Tiny,feet,fingers from ur blog..hope u understood.. ;)

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