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Sep 7, 2009

Lessons Learned

Okay, here goes me ga-ga'ing over YS again. So, I have a lot of things that I have learned from him or rather his untimely death. I never gave a second glance as to what he was, just saw the other side of the coin with one irritating battle with CBN. Let me put it this way, I was blinded.

Maybe this has realization has dawned on me because of his gruesome end or maybe it would have eventually in any way. There are a lot of deaths that have affected me in a lots of ways. To begin with my ammamma's... the one I had been a close witness to and only after that do I go forward and look at learning lessons from a life lead than think about anything else. It taught me lessons to last for a lifetime. Unless we experience that kind of a sorrow, we can just say we empathize with the one's who had lost a dear one but wouldn't actually know.

So, what is it that I have actually learned.

Friendship. To stand for the friends, the value he had placed in friends and the friends had in him. The site of KVP paying a silent tribute to him for a while taught me a lot about friendship than a lot of epics put together.

Service to Mother Land. The way he developed the land he was born in. If it is ever possible to pay off debt to the mother land we are born to (not that it is even thinkable) then he had done it completely. The consideration that the district he was born into to be renamed as YSR district does not come as a surprise.

The sheer determination to do paadayatra and get the pulse of the voter to regain back the confidence that Congress has lost in masses of AP singlehandedly is awesome. He just did not crib and crave for posts from high-command, he worked his way through it.

The leadership skill, the way he kept opposition within the party in control is just awesome. The way he had maintained relationships with center and within the state. Doing things the way he wanted by being subservient to the center and giving an impression that he is acting per their commands but actually making them work in his way.. it is simply awesome.. He did a lot of things on his own but all he did was add on a tag of Rajiv or Indira to everything and make center look good too. The people managing skills.. SUPER!!!

and lastly most importantly, indifference, the way he was so thick-skinned to so many allegations against him. I am usually hurt really fast and one thing I cannot tolerate is people blaming me pointlessly. I have the guts to do whatever I do and accept it publicly, so no beating around the bush but still there are people who want to resort to mudslinging.. this is the time when my bumper hot-temper comes into picture.. NOTHING absolutely nothing can stop me from blasting that person who I think had been unreasonable. I get mad to the point of NO-REASON at times. For the first time, his death made me realize what he must have faced throughout his life day in and day out, people watching life through a microscope, blaming him, praising him, capturing whatever they want to of him and not the actual him but he just kept on working towards his own goal and nothing really bothered him or even if it did, he did not show... I just need to learn to be cool from him. I dont think he was like this from outset, but if he could do, so can I.

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