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Sep 24, 2009

Oo Baatasaari...

The one thing that happens to be an eye opener or a touch with reality of sorts is waiting in the bus-stand or railway station or traveling in one. Of late, I have been missing this a lot.. the real people that is.. autos, cars, flights these are the culprits.. with my inability to walk longer distances and then due to the fact that I have a phobia or immense fear that someone will trample my feet (your foot needs to be almost crushed to pulp by some high-heel pointed footwear to come to that stage I guess). Well, whatever the point.. my going to US, then coming back, getting pregnant, then with the baby initially I have missed the journey like a common man. I am not rich, I cant afford a car every time I go out but I don't hesitate a moment to take the LO out in the car, at least until the time she turns one year old... shhh.. there I digress but that is what I do all the time na!

Okay, coming to the point, I have been traveling much to Vijayawada of late, for some reason or the other, my system repair, my personal doctor visit, shopping for LO, some office-related work, something or the other and I am preferring the palle-velugu bus or the erra-bus to go there and come back. It is indeed refreshing.. the wait in the bus stand, the standing journey, the sitting journey everything.. people from all walks of life, eager to reach destinations, some happy faces, some sad ones, some chatterboxes, some sleepyheads, some peeping toms, some scaring the shit out of staring and staring, some healthy, some ill, people chewing khaini, some smoking and spitting... it is a different world altogether, a touch of reality which I had been lacking all the while. TV, books, radio nothing brings you closer to people like these places do.

I hate people spitting on roads, hate no-traffic control, hate animals roaming on the streets, hate the pits dug on the roads, the dust that flies, the stink that arises but then that is how the people out here are. Just sitting, hating, and passing comments certainly wont help the situation. Can I do something to bring awareness among people, will I be treated as weirdo for attempting to do, there has to be a beginning right!! I feel tired after the journey but content and happy meeting real people, chatting up with those who are bored and want to strike a conversation.. soaking up the sweat smell (yuccky!!!), the stink, the dirt, the swearing words flying around, the blaring music on the streets. I feel alive, I feel thankful for being healthy, I feel good to be one among the lot, I feel good overall and it feels like a celebration of being alive after one of those journeys..

I know I am getting too senti these days but I count my blessings for being able to afford a little luxury of a car, even if hired to take the kiddo when I see days babies being lugged around in hot sun, mothers standing, struggling to feed them on the roads,... I wish I can do something for the baby and the mom but then as usual I just feel the pain and get going. When will I be able to put any concrete action plan to all my thoughts??????

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