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Sep 6, 2009

Caste.. err.. What is That???

How do we form an opinion in general.

I used to listen to people talk about a lot of things and thus form an opinion.. yeah, that is how I used to form my opinion when there was no concept of self-learning, when I was small, when I could understand things but not in depth. Gather facts or gossips from the elders around me and then sieve out what I did not like and retain what I did and form an entirely new and my very own opinion on things. This just did not limit to general stuff but also politics. I come from a family where my father was on and off into BJP and TDP and maternal side family was into Congress.

No matter how much we might deny the fact but caste-system is deep rooted in our political scenario. Underlying ground work is done by grass-root workers siting the caste, it is disgusting but it is true. Superficially, they might deny even acknowledging the term or behave as if using the term caste is a sin but deep within that is the only criteria..

To me, even today
TDP, NTR, Kamma are synonymous
Congress, Gandhi Family, Reddy are synonymous
and the brand new entrant
PRP, Chiru, Kaapu is no exception.

So, what is the criteria for selecting or supporting people in a party, not efficiency, not experience but the money power and of course the caste he belongs to.

It hurts me to listen to opinions flying left, right, and center after the CM's untimely death and the choice of a successor. I am not a Rosaiah supporter but no denying he is a veteran and very capable one at that but the fact that his caste is against him or the majority opinion being that is something which says about the unfortunate condition that we are in.

There is no denying that politics is an integral part of idle conversation in AP or maybe whatever place it is... it is good to hear people airing their views so actively but hearing to such things I feel when will we grow, when will we change our status form a developing nation to a developed nation.. not as long as we select our leaders based on caste or money power.. only when we get the right person to do the job based on his capability and nothing else.. Isnt that a distant dream as of now. Hope the younger blood tries to wipe it out sooner or later.

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