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Sep 3, 2009

RIP YS... an unfortunate farewell!!

1949-2009 -- 60 yrs. of eventful life.. love him or hate him but cant ignore him in AP ane levelki swayamsaktito edigina manishi... even Manmohan Singh PM avvataniki kooda more number of wins from any given state icchindi eeyane, finding such a stable, strong and able person to keep the party together in testing situations and steering it in the right direction in the current scenario that too out of the blue is just not possible and finding a successor at this point is a real tough task.

Sad for his family and followers and sad about the fate of the state in the coming days but happy that people are taking the incident maturely and not reacting in grief.

Those who know me and follow the blog know about our love-hate relationship.. me and YS that is. There are a lot of schemes that he implemented for the poverty-stricken. And beyond doubt he is the architect of Pulivendela as it is today with soo much of progress and development since he has come into power. He developed Rayalaseema like anything and will be remembered by all forever. He stuck to his farmer getup with panche and laalchi being a doctor. Whatever he was, whatever problems I had with him or his rule, I may have called him a joker, called him a traitor, called him a savior, called him a survivor but today as I learn that he is no more cant help but feel sad beyond words for his meeting such an unfortunate end with no one being able to trace him up to 24 hrs. of his demise and am really surprised as the tears roll on without even my realizing it.

He was a strong believer of 60-yr. retirement age in politics and it is really unfortunate that he took leave not from politics but from life.. RIP!!

By the way, his political career started the year I was born so as he grew in his chosen field of work, politics, I grew old following it up as a common man, err, woman with interest, sometimes horror, sometimes astonishment, sometimes comic..and that is the bond we shared and he will always be remembered by me as a smiling CM, the one whose smile lit up his face... and yeah maybe this is time I seriously think about political career for myself too.. but that is a long way to go with LO still at an age where she needs lots and lots of nurturing.

LO will miss a leader like him undoubtedly!!

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