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Sep 22, 2009

Swathi... Kothi Kommacchi!!

This is one name which I happen to like.. the reason being simple I like almost all the names that just have 2 or 2.5 alphabets in Telugu script. This name to me means quite a few things, a couple of people who have an influence in my life have this name and they are both pleasant and happy-go-lucky individuals.. sare sare malli koti kommacchilu vestunna kada, topicloki vastunna...

Swathi is one Telugu weekly magazine I have know exists from a long time. When I was a kid I used to read cartoons and "ee seershika meedey" at the end and the rest all seemed to be adult content, the pics, the stories, the serials.. ee vaaram sarasamaina kada, sukha samsaaram, gatra gatra which were strictly off-reads at that age.. in adolescence out of curiosity more than anything else, used to have a peek into the contents once in a while. All in all, I used to feel it is a book not meant for the whole family but for adults only. This impression of mine is gradually eliminated from the time I have come back to India. This to me is a wholesome entertainer... strange how perceptions keep changing.. love reading it back to back now.. it has something in store for all age groups, awesome book.

The features that I like the most are Koti Kommacchi by Bapu and Ramana, cartoons by Bapu, Ladies Club, Anil Swathi (kids corner), Nannu Adagandi by Malathi Chandoor, and the experiences of an IAS officer, ee seershika meede.. cover to cover chadivese complete book idi... Vemuri Balaram gariki hatsoff :)... nice articles and great job!!

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Smiley said...

I like Swathi too but mostly for Gossips and comedy stories (sometimes)!

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