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Sep 20, 2009

You Know You are Growing Old..

When the people whom you have grown up seeing, idolizing, and/or hating gradually start to vanish from this planet leaving a void. Of late, there have been a lot of such incidents and I have been way too busy or way too sad to delve on them individually but I think I can do it a little less emotionally now that it has been a long time.

There are a lot of deaths and births any given moment, even as I type out this both these things happen but the ones that really touch me or have a direct impact on my life are very far and scattered and God only knows how thankful I am about that. But there are a few people whose life though does not have any link whatsoever to ours on a one-to-one basis has a profound impact on what we turn out to be, what we grow up to be, or what you we want to be, like I say.. love them or hate them but cant ignore them types.

Michael Jackson is one such personality, a lot has been written about him, his life, his eccentricity, his death.. in fact sooo much that there is information overload. To me, a girl who grew up in a small town who comes from a conservative background and a family full of non-English speakers, to chance upon this guy and his music is like very very remote, but I did. I still remember the day I saw him on TV, the madness, the MJ mania, the people crying and screaming to get a glimpse of him. To my small mind, it was.. what the hell, why is there "mass crying" going on and why is that guy shaking like he just got attached to a live current wire and what is that hair.. and wait, is he a guy or a girl??? So many questions to my mom and she drew a blank, then came my info-gathering session and the more I knew about him, the more I began to like him. He, to me, is/was an enigma. I loved his music, not love at first sight... err.. first sound but his music gradually grew on me as I continued listening to it.. the rebel in me liked They Don't Really Care About Us and the human being inside me liked Heal The World..

Skin head, dead head..
Everybody gone bad
Situation, aggravation
Everybody allegation
In the suite, on the news
Everybody dog food
Bang bang, shot dead
Everybody's gone mad... All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us... All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us

Beat me, hate me
You can never break me
Will me, thrill me
You can never kill me
Jew me, Sue me
Everybody do me
Kick me, Kike me
Don't you black or white me

Heal The World
There's a place in your heart..and I know that it is Love
And this place could be much brighter than tomorrow
And if you really try, you'll find there's no need to cry
In this place you'll feel there is no hurt or sorrow.. 'cos

there are ways to get there.. if you care enough for the living
make a little space, make a better place..

Heal The World.. make it a better place.. for you and for me and for the entire human race
There are people dying... If you care enough for the living, make a better place...

These are the lyrics that in some way defined the way I turned out to be a rebel with a soft corner, well that is how I want to call myself at this point..

I hated the way he had to leave the world though, so many controversies, the stories about his life, the way he turned from a man to a different species altogether, the number of times his face was under a knife, the way he changed from black to white, the way he ran away from self, from reality, from everything sane. It is really really unfortunate that the man who has given a perspective to a lot of people like me with his lyrics and performances across the world was such a loner in his life and had issues which ultimately claimed his life. Whatever his weaknesses were, whatever the allegations were, I just cant deny the way he touched so many lives and just hope he finds in the other world, what he was so badly trying to get in his lifetime.. self-approval... a relentless pursuit to become someone else who even he was not sure of and wish he at least now has a peaceful moonwalk with the almighty!!! RIP Mikey.. miss you.. LO missed you but I will make sure she knows you through my eyes and views...

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