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Oct 28, 2009

360 Degrees... the changed me.

There are a lot of thoughts/feelings that made me what I am today and will decide what I will be tomorrow, day after, and until the time I die and leave this world unnoticed by anyone other than maybe a few people who I am in close touch with.

I had pretty strong ideas and as time passed, a few of them remain as is, a few of them change a bit, but a few of them have completely reversed and to list a few of them is the point of the post..

College is Cool.
While in school I used to feel college is cool, no uniform, no discipline, class bunk, full freedom.. telugu/hindi movie effect.
Got to know that college is the worser evil than school, at least the intermediate stage, the very crucial phase in one's education in life, slog, slog, slog and slog is the word... I dont know about professional college but then again we need to study to pass na, so school is the best!!!

We Can Change People/People will realize
Nope, the only person that one can change is self, no one but self and that too is really really tough. There were times when I used to cry why my family is so dysfunctional, why is it that me and my bro need to suffer.. why cant we just have an honest and happy and fearless family life with both the parents at a time, nope my parents are not divorced, we all lived under the same roof yet in 2 different worlds at the same time.

Nope, the people DO NOT REALIZE on their own, we need to make an effort to be heard and just not ASSUME they will understand eventually and you are right and correct people get justice.

In-Laws Understand
Nope, no matter how much you would like to believe, they just wont. Even your own parents, once they become in-laws, turn different. Watching movies like Hum Apke Hai Kaun and all felt that if you go with an open mind and heart and lap up all their feelings and share yours, there will be bonding.. Just forget it, one-ended approach never works.. some people might be different but those exceptions are extremely rare. If you think parents with daughters who have problems with in-laws behave nicely with their DILs, think again.. they just tend to get bitter and pass on the bitterness.

Education Brings Awareness and Kind Heart
Nope, it does matter but only to an extent and it is not the be all and end all.. if you are hardworking, enterprising, and gutsy.. add to it lucky there is no stopping of an individual. It is education of life that is vital not the bookish education. Also, an uneducated person can be miles and miles ahead of an educated idiot (excuse my language). I have seen people who had done masters spending time just ruining others life and in the process ruining theirs taking away peace of mind of every one in the family. Upbringing coupled with education coupled with society and personal experiences make you what you are. Common sense has no connection whatsoever with education!!!

Be Good To One and All
Nope, no one realizes how good you are no matter how much effort you put in or even if you are good without even putting in an effort. There are always some polluted minds who imagine some hidden agendas behind everything that you say, do, or think. You need not and SHOULD NOT be good to those who actually have 1000 and one things at the back of their mind with a sweet smile on the face. In fact, I have come to a point where I started doubting anyone who has a sweet smile and sugar-coated words thanks to a few encounters which hit me so hard that I am still reeling over the impact.

My Way or Highway.
I was vary about a lot of things, a lot of people and have become more so after the latest set back.. but by and large, I have understood that it is important to get things done rather than being adamant as to who needs to do and how they need to do and all.

Heartfelt Sorry, Thank You are sufficient.
No, it is not enough if you simply say sorry or thank you to another person.. people do expect a lot more.

There are a lot of opinions that have changed drastically, but this is all for now..

but the biggest of it all is
I cannot become Fat :(((
If I had never put on weight after gulping loads and loads of ghee and sweets and all, I can never put it on any point in life. you can surely become fat no matter how much less you eat unless you keep yourself physically active.

So, how about you guys.. do you have any opinions that have been time-tested and proved wrong time and again and that had to be changed forever.. if so, what are they??


Renuka said...

Hmm..true sree. Few/All the perceptions that we have at younger age will take 360 degree turn once we grow up carrying handful of personal experiences.

Sireesha said...

I think everyone has his or her own list of such drastic changes. I have to think about mine... :-)

Valli Datta said...

i just read your article only one paragraph about in-law's understanding. what ever you said is 100% correct and i am facing same issue with my mother-in-law. and i am just crying reading your paragraph. my mother is having only two daughters and i am very happy...because no other girl feel the same with my mother.

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