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Oct 23, 2009


Hmmm.. I knew I was addicted to net but little did I realize that I was addicted to my blog this much.. today, suddenly when I try to reach my blog.. it said blog has been removed and some error number was allocated to it.. then, I felt real bad, it was like all my hard work went down the drain, it was like I lost my voice, it was like I am drained of my feelings, it was like I dont know what but it was like a deep pit in my stomach.. why did I have to feel this bad.. well, I have invested so much of time on it and it is but natural to feel sad if I lose the data, but then again what is permanent in this world nothing not even "us" you and me... aaawww... oka blog oka 2 to 3 hrs. kanipinchakapote waaaarneee enta vedaantam cheppanu kada...

.. but it made me realize one thing, that this place is the best outlet I have had so far. I shout, I cry, I smile, I laugh, I ponder, I pledge, I do a lot of things and it is not going to judge me.. the people who read it might judge me but then it is my choice to take the best and leave the worst.. no trolls so far (touchwood) but it surely does make me feel good, i can vent my feelings through this channel and be rest assured and forget about it.. it is like my sponge soaking in my emotions, better than my best buddy and yeah thanks Bhargavi for following my blog and like it, you really made my day the other day when we spoke.. i was like oooh okay, people do really like it and read it by choice and not forced upon and many of those who are regular followers dont know the actual me but yet keep coming time and again which is such a nice feel-good factor.

Thanks again all of you who care to comment, care to read and miss me when I am not around for long... and a biiiiiiiiiiiiig Thanks blogger and okay enough of praising the blogger, now the actual masala.. just dont ever ever do this scaring tactics again okay.. be a good boy/girl/thing... err.. whatever.


Sireesha said...

That's true. A personal blog can be a best friend. It's natural to be so possessive about it. And miss it, pamper it and take pride in it.

Nagrockz said...

sister you can take backup of your blog at the end of everyday. That way you can keep all your data.

for taking backup go to dashboard->settings->Import blog

a file will be downloaded withe the date. save them in a can export the same on to a new blog with ut losing ur data

if u have any data ping me from my blog pingbox

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