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Oct 12, 2009

Dear Daughter - 6

Dearest LO:

I am really fed up of thinking and telling that time flies, it goes faster than that of course.. it just seems you were in belly yesterday and you are already a half-year-old.. a tiny individual already with your own likes and mannerisms. I just want to stop the clock for a while and keep staring at you in this Golden age of yours where your eyes light up seeing me even through the corner of your eyes. People do say you reserve your best grins from ear to ear for me.. and am I flattered?? oh boy!! I really am.. sometimes you make me feel what did I do to deserve you, my guardian angel.. err. it should be the other way round right. This month you are officially introduced to solids, had your annaprasana. In spite of peeps cheating on me by pushing the book towards you, you pulled out what you liked, the banana, the pujari placed on top of it. No, I am not happy that you picked it, I am not sad that you did not pick the book or money or whatever else but I am happy that you picked something of your own choice, not something that is forced on you.. yay!! way to go kiddo. Amma loves you all the more for being that. It is just a game or a ritual but I liked the way it turned out to be.

I am really going to miss all your firsts very soon.. first smile, first flip, first food.. the firsts are slowly drying up.. need to lap up each and every single moment with a lot more hunger than earlier.

You seem to be soo grown up to my own eyes (hye, hye.. my buri nazar) in those pattu langas and dresses that it is tough to believe that you just emerged so tiny from my belly. I love the way you are so full of life, I love it when you are such a social kid going to every one as long as I am around. You assure that you are in safe hands first and then go. There have been a lot of changes in you.. you do not go to everyone who want to hold you, you have to see me or a familiar figure that you can trust to be around in your periphery of vision or hearing to be with strangers, good job LO.. until the time I trust you with the strangers don't ever do that yourself okay? I mean I wont be this interfering when you know your way but for now let this be like this.

You now have those dangling ear rings which keep moving when you turn your head, no mistaking henceforth for a boy.. and yeah you are turning out to be a xerox copy of your father, a miniature version of him with features of your maama. So, where am I in this whole thing.. just a carrier???.. but you more than make up for no physical resemblance with just reacting like me.. just hope you dont get that anger from me.. just being your silently violent self is fine with me.

You have increased active time now and keeping you entertained is a huge task, you love being on the road in your stroller, the gift from your maama, smiling at people, cooing at those who take time to say hi to you or me or both of us, staring wide eyed at the autos, cars, tractors, bikes, cycles and each and everything that passes by. You are turning out be a little fussy with drinking your milk but then again it maybe teething. I HOPE it is teething for my sanity though.

There has been one moment which took the life out of me for a while, your fall.. waaaaaaaaaaaaahh.. I just cant hit myself enough for letting that happen but hopefully it must be the last. Forgive me dear!!!

You have been the angel you are but the mamma has been a little too engrossed with work and getting ready to get back to work, bad on my part but well that is how it ought to be, so I dont want to make it tough for both of us, I mean transition back to work.. hope you continue to be the best you have been so far.. I just want the best for you.

Each time I feed you, I pray to God that you learn to appreciate each morsel and never waste anything and be thankful for what we have and just that you get that huge heart to share what you have with the ones who are needy.

Love you kiddo..

Love you so much. Thank you for filling my life with light and joy.

mmmuuuaaah from Amma.


Sireesha said...

Great post Sree! You really are an awesome mom. Your Sreya is lucky. I wish both of you many many happy moments together.

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, super letter asalu. if ur daughter reads all this when she grows up, u'll b the only person whom she'll love

Renuka said...

Sree..Very Very Touching! Entha baga rasaru....I just Love it...God bless both of you!!!

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