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Oct 14, 2009


this is the one I have right now in the front yard, done and painted by my maid!!

Rads, one of fav bloggers, has tagged me on this one.. muggu or rangoli or kolam... pedda muggu picchi naaku.. I love the patterns, the chukkala muggulu, melikala muggulu, radham muggulu, sankranthi muggulu, latalu-poolu muggulu, so many types of them, love them all.. this muggu post I guess needs me jumping into my Tinglish flow..

Tellavaaru jhaamuney vaakili oodchi, kallaapu jalli adi kooda peda neellatoti pacchaga kallaapu jalli gummam mundu muggu petti aa muggulo pasupu, kumkuma, poolu vestey.. aa gadapaki vacchey andam choodaley kaani cheppalem. One of the upsides of being in a village is seeing this scene almost every single day.. aa muggula andaalu choodatanikanna poddune morning walk cheyyali anipistundi konni sarlu naa laanti veera walking baddakishtalaki kooda. addamga addagaadidalaaga balustunnaa kooda manam khacchitamga walking regularga cheyyamu anukondi.. malli walking gatra chesi glamor pencheste fans taakidi tattukodam kashtam kada;)..kikiki malli koti kommachhilu.. coming to the point.

My granny had a passion for these patterns, she used to have books of rangoli, notebooks full of her designs complete with number of dots and number of lines of these dots, those complicated intricate designs which she used to just give life to out of her memory.. great!!! In fact, I have read somewhere that Indian women do not have Alzheimer's that commonly because of the complicated things they do with their brains, yeah simple things like putting a rangoli keeps your brain sharp.. amazing isnt it. I am such a big buff but I dont actually remember many of them, so let me put it this way, appreciation of muggu talent is what I have in me. I know a few standard ones, like padmam muggu, vistaraaku muggu, and those tiny tiny muggulu.. will surely post the pics really soon. My grandmother, hats off to her patience, vaakili aliki muggulu pettedi, those were the people and those were the energies.. nenu vaakili oodistene dham, phat and 2 rojulu nadum pattestundi :((.

The designs that I most commonly draw are these...the one below is called the vistaraaku, which has different variations and I like all of them.. put that for pujas and in front of Tulasi

Continuing the muggu stories, if knowing the patterns by heart or by seeing is an art, then drawing the line is an art in itself, the thick lines, thin lines, hazy lines, each having a beauty of their own and I must admit that so far my mother's is the best line I have seen. She has such an art I must say.. wow!!! but she being lazier than me hardly puts the talent on display and yours truly hardly does that these days 'cos we have a maid to do these chores.. well Rads, I seriously am considering going back to doing them after your post.

.. and coming to my muggu expeditions, I used to put muggu regularly even back in US with chalk and all much to the horror of the OH. He used to be so scared with my muggu arts.. his dialogues "edo kshudra poojalu chestunnam ani 911 ki call chesestaaru ee tellollo, nallollo, please dannam pedataa neeku aapeyyamma" ;).. but what to do, pempakam alaantidi mari, gruhini ante poddune lechi vaakili oodchi muggulettali kada mari.. chinnapatininchi oooooookey cinemalu choosi choosi.. paatalu vinesi vinesi inspire ayyam kada.. muthyamantaa pasupu mukhamanta chaaya muttaidu kumkuma ani.. emi chestaam pelli ayyi USkellaganey talentki padunu pettadam annamata ;). I even used to have those stick up rangolis in the house on the kitchen floor back there. I have a few pics somewhere, need to hunt them and post, will do so shortly.

This one is specially close to my heart because it was drawn by my grandmother and recently re-painted by me in the pooja room...

1 comment:

rads said...

nenu vaakili oodistene dham, phat and 2 rojulu nadum pattestundi

LOL, enti talli, antha sukumarama? :D

Oorkene antunnanule, alavatu thappu edaina kashtame. Naku aa idea chaala ishtam, ayina ikkada roju ela kudurthundi, India loney, aapestunnaru ani amma godava. Ayina, anipustundikada, intha dooramlo untu, appudappudu ikanti traditions gurthu thechukuni cheste, next generation ki "muggu" antey, enabba ani bikka moham pettakoodadu.
It's such a pretty art!
Recently, Sankrantiki muggulapoti ani pettaru. aa muggulni choosi, chala siggesindi. edo bommalu geesi, vaatini muggulu anesaru :|

lol, long comment ayipoyinde? :)

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