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Oct 26, 2009

The Ramayan Musings.. Ramayanamlo Pidakala Veta?

There have been times when I really really wanted to do a write-up on our epics, my take on them.. simple and plain, mine and just mine, nothing but mine, opinions and ideas about them.. Ramayana and Maha Bharatha I mean!!

Sirisha had done a post on it which prompted me to put in some ideas, which I had actually put up as a comment on her post but then thought of sharing it here as well.. I know, I just dont seem to have enough work ;)... but jokes apart. She had done a post reading an interview with the mythological character Ravana in a lighter vein which can be read HERE.

I had actually wondered a thousand times maybe or maybe even more than that. Ravana captured Sita in order to seek revenge on Rama and Lakshmana for insulting his sister Surpanaka and he just kept Sita in captivity, did not touch her against her wishes and nope, did not cut her nose or disfigure her in anyway. He treated his wife Mandodari well, he was a devotee of Lord Shiva, he was very disciplined, his only vice was being egoistic and belonging to asura vamsa maybe which again is not in his control. So, when Rama who made Sita go through tough times in the forest when she was with him and also left her for the words of the society and Lakshmana who left his lawfully wedded new wife to be with his brother and SIL and also cut off Surpanaka’s nose be treated like Gods... why treat him an evil... and burn his effigy year after year after year.

I have not read Ramayana completely, read only children's version, no idea about the actual Valmiki-written story or the gist of it. To me Ravana was the ruler of asuras or rakshasas whose duty was to create ruckus and riot destroying the yagnas, yagas and all that.. he had a lot of positives and looking back, I am not aware of any of his atrocities other than taking Sita a captive. May be the author has not dealt more on his negatives, did not completely picture him as a villain who needs to be murdered. I know, mine is not even 1% knowledge on the great epic and i am no one to criticize the Gods.. but still there are a lot of doubts and I better read it up before Sreya starts asking me a 1000 questions and if she is anything like me she is bound to ask loads of them.

Thanks to anna NTR, I have dual views of all the mythological characters, distorted, polluted confused opinions I must say.. if anna gaaru potrayed Ravana or Duryodhana, the character became the best-est one in the whole epic, misunderstood, misguided, misled whatever. If he were to be the hero, then the same character would be calculating, cruel, and in short disgusting... already confused naa laanti praanulni inkaasta confuse cheyyadam.. sigh!!!

Again, even in the epics more than the guys, the root cause for Sita's problem are women, yeah.. Kaikeyi and Surpanaka, the not-so-good MIL who wanted her step-son to be sent to forest and the kingdom be given to her own son Bharatha which made Sita too go to the forests and finally Surpanaka, another lady being the cause for the captivity, the war, and the final bhoo-samaadhi of Sita (indirectly, had it not been for Ravana's captivity, Sita would not be sent away to forest by Rama based on a washerman's words.. sigh).. and technically it is a MIL in case of Sita and SIL in case of Mandodari that wrecked the havoc in happily married lives ;)... so aa kaalam ninchi ee kaalam daaka no change annamaata.. okay, okay, I digress, getting back to the point..

If they call Rama "maryada purushottam" and epitomize him what are we supposed to learn from him?? make the family suffer for the society.. isnt it necessary to take care of the woman who has left everyone from the birth-home and joined you for life? and Sita an epitome of womanhood, no sorry you might be Gods but I do not actually agree what you have to put up with and dont really understand what they were trying to prove here!!!

Ento full flowlo kottesaa kada, pregnancy hormones ani blame cheyyatinki kooda ledu... so paithyam prakopinchindi ani saripettukodame mari ;).. ekkada edi kelikina ultimatega ee attala deggara aagipotundi!!! need to shake it up and look at other dimensions in life too... would welcome any debate here am looking desperately for someone who can justify Rama's actions.. he maybe a good administrator, a good person who never lies, a person who respects his parents, loves his brothers, but as a husband and a father?????.. a blank!!!!!!

atta meeda kopam dutta meeda ane typelo... ento ivvala raamula vaari meeda padipoyaa... kshaminchandi swamy, edo agnanapu pakshini boledanni doubts unna manishini.. devuduga ee mee avataaranni meeru justify chesukovali mari!!!


Kalpana said...

ee epics create ayyindi kudaa manaki edi manchi chedu ani thelapadaaniki emo... ilaa chesthe ilaa avuthaavu, ani giving us hints annamaataa... ;)
hey, chudu Sita thana self respect kaapaadukundi kadaa bhoomatha deggaraku velli... so, idi oka hechcharika magavaariki. Sita devi, aa okko moment lo entha narakam anubhavinchindo...

inni epics chadivi kudaa, manam chedu ne thvaragaa sveekaristhunnaamu, andulo unde manchi kante... So, it's we who need to decide how to live by learning from all those mistakes... :)

Hey, konni vishayaalu chusthe Raavanudilo manchi anedi undi anipisthundi okkosaari..... Shiva bhakthudu, thana sis mukku kosinaa kudaa he did not touch Sita...

So, anyone can judge, entha raakshasullo ainaa edo oka manchi quality daagi untundi... :)

Hari said...

hey....hi..meeku ochina doubts ae naku ochayi...

just have a look at it..
tappulu unte kshaminchavalenu ;)

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