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Oct 8, 2009

This and That

The flood water situation that has left AP shattered is something that looms large on my mind along with a lot of other things.. it is refreshing to see the relief activities all over.. had school kids coming over to collect funds for the relief... no doubt about the donors but just hope the relief reaches the needy.

Another Nobel category announcement to a guy of Indian origin great.. feels good and his addition along with a couple of other nationals in that particular field takes up the toll to 7... and inspite of the happiness on this one, brain drain is what bothers me a bit and then again I console myself, okay he might have reached that place with all the facilities available out there and maybe his being there in that list is just because of his efforts out of India. How I wish India were free of politics in every field which limits the creative/research skills of individuals and makes them flee for better options.. and err... lemme go back if we claim this guy to be of Indian origin and take the toll to 7, mother Teresa was from a different origin and yet a global citizen so are technically still at 6 or lap it up to be 7.. confused... but whatever, proud to be a part of the world from where they were born or worked!!!!

and being a layman.. I have quite a few doubts as to the flood water situation in AP. There have not been too much of rains, so much so that villages together are drowned.. from what I can gather, the water has been released from other states too from the river Krishna which worsened the situation.. the waters from Almatti and Tungabhadra dams.. the inflow from elsewhere... so my small brain asks if states have dams to store water and they fight over releasing water to the needy why release it when there is too much.. cant that release be gradual and shared equally among the 3 states so that the villages arent drowned.. I really dont know the technicalities here and I dont want to leave an impression that okay fine dont release water and let the other states drown.. but it is a genuine doubt.. maybe some researching on the net and some querying would get me the answer but that for a later date!!! for now the issues is parked.. if any one of you happens to know, let me know too...

The other speculations of why NTR Jr. gave funds to CM relief first and then to the trust raised a non-existent doubt in me. Okay, good he has donated 20 Lakhs, keeping aside to which source has given it, he has given it, appreciated.. period... no other thoughts... a fellow blogger whom I follow had raised some doubts but I was like okay leave the kiddo.. then the paper Sakshi has as usual done some unnecessary over-action in this aspect, even that is okay... that is what they do most of the times... period... no other thoughts... but the kiddo donates the same amount to NTR trust again !!!!! if intending to give 40 lacs why not the same amount to his grandfather's trust or the CM.. why visit the CM in person and then why give it there... he has not put a stop to the rumors flying around but rather made me think maybe the first act was innocent spontaneous act of charity whereas the second was done by sheer force and media hype.. poor buddodu... give him a break!!!

Big Boss - 3 starts, would I miss it... yes and no... with work, kiddo, and hell a lot of things on my mind this form of entertainment is off my radar for quite some time.. but that doesnt mean I am not interested.. will look forward to some interesting offshoots of the same.

and yeahhhhh... I have a biiiiiiiiiig post on the common man's call for help in this time of adversity.. but it is almost 4 a.m. and I need to catch my sleep before I go for another day's grind...

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