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Oct 4, 2009

Vaanocche Varadocchey... :(( Floods, Drought!!!

I dont know what is the world coming up to these days.. just a few days earlier I was feeling bad about the heat, the humidity, the lack of rain.. I still do have the same complaints when whole of AP was scared of the flood waters, we in the village still battle the heatwave and to say we are just about 50 kms from the epicenter of the chaos is really unfortunate.

I am usually on and off the TV watching phase because there is less news and more hype about the same, most of the times the channels make me feel if they are creating the news to keep the matters spicy :((.. it is that bad. If something drastic happens, we get to see the same thing in all the channels. If nothing does, it is the routine boy kills/abuses/threatens/wounds/rapes girl stuff or the usual dirty politrics of the political parties. WHAT IS THE POINT? But then how will I know what is happening around, newspapers.. naaa... they too have an agenda much much bigger than the intention to bring the news to its readers.. but I have to rely only on these to know the happenings... there I digress as usual.. sigh!!!

So, the point of the post is the current flood water situation in AP. It is scary to see people go homeless, foodless, powerless for days together, stranded on buildings nearby with nothing to eat or drink, no where to go, so many deaths, so many cries, so much of anger of people on the government. The sight of water flow is scary, the sight of Srisailam project yesterday with barely 1 foot left despite opening all the gates, the tension if water would raise that 1 foot and wash over was too much to bear scared the wits out of me.. so much so that I just shut off the TV and shut myself off from what was happening but was that right, nope.. but then what else could I have done nothing really.

More than the current flood situation, what scares me the most is the aftermath.. the diseases that are going to spread, the efforts of the people to limp back to normal life, the fear of what they have just witnessed, the emotional trauma, the time that it would take for that memory to fade, everything that is needed to rebuild life after this..

Just the other day I was going to Vijayawada on my nth trip to get my system repaired and was feeling really really depressed seeing the greenery turn to concrete jungle thanks to the real estate boom and each acre costing more than a crore at some places. Will this money give us food, will this concrete jungle sustain without trees, can we get enough oxygen to breathe or do we have to invent something to convert CO2 to O2 and wear some masks like astronauts and roam around??? how long can mother earth take such an abuse. Cutting down trees on the roadside, turning agricultural areas into concrete jungle, not planting enough trees.. is there even one thing that we are doing to improve our situation. As it is, this planet is just not what it was when I was growing up, what am I going to give my next generation... it is like we are sucking out all the essence of mother earth and leaving the final fiber to our kids... so much for claiming that we only want the best for our kids... phew!!!

When I was sharing my thoughts as to what will happen if people keep acquiring so much of property and people eat into the jungle/agricultural space for their homes, my maama was suggesting that nature will not let it happen.. it will reclaim its past glory.. I ask how and he says natural calamities, epidemic, nuclear/organic wars.. it was just an idle discussion, thrown up amongst us, an idle banter to be precise.. but with the outbreak of swine flu and now this flood scare, the submerged Mantraalayam and all, I begin to wonder yeah it is possible.. I am not saying what he was saying was true but it is creepy to see the coincidence within days of the discussion to say the least.

The lack of rains that haunted the state so far has given way to the extreme water inflow.. Why is there so much of change in the ecological balance.. why is nature claiming so many lives.. the reason I see is the mother earth is angry with us for not preserving the gifts it is showering upon us.. can we take small steps in that direction from now at least.. we have lived our life. I have seen the best days of my life and now with me being on the other side of 30s and LO just taking her baby steps in this world, it is my/our duty to give our kids the same if not improved earth.


Smiley said...

Great post Sree! You are indeed very right!
And by the way, I'm Sireesha of Peek Inside My Mind.

Hari said...

hi... i completely agree with u..All is the effect of deforestration...we r being like those chess players who just think of only the present move....and the final result is .."Its Check-mate"

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