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Oct 10, 2009

The Wonderful Curve.. navvutoo batakaalira..

These days, more often than not other than the times when I am with LO, I tend to be serious, really really seriously thinking about life, the future, the work, the people around me, the cheap day-to-day politics in life, the political scenario in the world and a lot of things.. everything which subconsciously brings a frown on my face.. so much so that it is like it has become one of my prominent physical features :(.

I happened to bring a few dvds with old telugu songs and this one these days is in the continuous loop... which broadly means keep laughing as long as you live and die laughing too.. 'cos you cant laugh after you die and no matter how many people cry after that, you would not be coming back... so true!!!

Navvutoo batakaalira tammudu navvutoo saavalira..
Sacchinaaka navvalevura.. endaredchina bratikiraavuraa tirigiraavura..

Champedi evadura.. sacchedi evadura
Sivudaagna lekunda seemaina kuttadura.
Kudite saavalani oramadigina seema… kutti kuttaka munde sastondi choodaraa
anduke navvutoo batakaalira tammudu navvutoo saavalira

Batikundaga ninnu edipinchinollu, nuvvu saste eduttaru donga naayyaallu, donga naayaallu
Adi nuvvu soosedi kaadu, ninu kaasedi kaadu..
nuvvu poyinaaaa, nee manchi sacchipoduraa..
aye sannaasi navvara..
anduke navvutoo batakaalira tammudu navvutoo saavalira

This one specially is like the singer/lyricist is telling to me in person time and again... I am right in whatever I am doing but the only thing is get back that smile of mine.. thank you guys, to put that wonder back on my face.

Unnaduraa devudu.. odu vattaduraa tammudu..
annayam jariginappudu, akkaramam periginappudu
Vastaadura… sacchinattu vastaadura..
anduke navvutoo batakaalira tammudu navvutoo saavalira..

This is for me and just me.. smiling with the kid is a different thing, smiling for self is an absolute must to see and enjoy that smile on her face too...

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Sireesha said...

Lol! I was thinking about absence of laugh in my life only a while ago...

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