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Nov 26, 2009

Accountability... good to know!!!!

I have always thought of JP as a hope in the current completely corrupt political arena. He has been with political leaders for quite some time and yes, he knows the ins and outs and ifs and buts of the political leaders when he was in administrative service, but still he is not yet prepared to face it. He is not as evil-minded and plotting as them but I feel he is a bit laid back. Okay, I agree that quote of Martin Luther King that Silence of good men is more dangerous than brutality of bad men. But there is no point working silently when so-called leaders are shouting on top of their voices and screaming their lungs out and diverting our attention.

I would have been more pleased if he were a bit more aggressive in bringing out those sheep-skinned wolves and stripping them naked of their evil deeds. I believe that he has that power to do so and maybe he alone can do it because he is untouched by any of it so far. I would be lying if I would say I am happy with his performance and want to see more of it. I even find him being diplomatic and noncommittal in various aspects that he can actually fight for and bring into fore. The problem is we have put in a lot many expectations on a single person who is battling against all odds alone. He is no doubt working but with the backing of most educated people he could have done much better than losing himself in that ocean of evil-minded people.

OH has been into active volunteering during the elections in March and April and he felt good about it, I feel good about endorsing JP-brand politics but I would be more happy if he is a bit more open and try to get his words heard than moving with the herd or working silently...

He has done a lot, and aspires to do a lot.. but when cleaning up the core corruption layering from decades after the independence is a huge task it would help if he focuses on exposing them as well as inching towards progress in his own small way. There are volunteers who want to do so much, steer them to the tasks he wants to do now and focus on information and advertising self!!!! When in Rome, be like a Roman... so those who dont do anything claim so much, why not say and show what you have done...

JP sir, waiting for more from you...!! if I and a lot more people like me want our little ones to join your silent revolution, you need to be a little more aggressive than be lost in that ocean!!!!!

Below is an exact replication of the facts mentioned in the blog by MLP (anonymous for some reason).

The problems were ages old and solving any of them need power, money and time. However work accomplished Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan in the last six months is commendable.

Inside Andrha Pradesh assembly:
  1. Proposed the bill to amend anti corruption bill to include elected members under civil servants.
  2. Advanced all party resolution to elect deputy speaker from opposition.
  3. Opposed amendment to Andhra Pradesh societies act claiming it is against right to form the unions in the constitution.
  4. Opposed the bill allocating special quota for Christians in Dalit reservations and proposed to increase Christian reservations.
  5. Opposed populist schemes in 2009 Budget.
Bills in early planning:
  1. Alternative proposal to women reservations bill to give better and fair representation to women.
  2. Voting rights to non resident Indians.

Accomplished in Kukatpally:
  1. Completed the under-rail bridge in Safdarnagar, which was on hold for long time.
  2. Organized free medical clinics in the constituency to diagnose eye and thyroid problems among people to provide better medical facilities. Organized a free medical camp in Balanagar colony with the help of expert doctors and distributed free medicines.
  3. 20 bore wells in the water deprived areas of the Constituency.
  4. Complete the Flood pipeline between Vacant Nagar and Braga Singh Nagar.
  5. Booster pump installed in Satyanarayana Colony to improve the Potable water supply.
  6. Street lighting between Vacant Nagar/Satyanarayana Colony and highway.
  7. Booster pumps installed in Parvat Nagar and Moti Nagar areas to eliminate water scarcity.
  8. Tour the Constituency every Saturday to get a first hand look at people’s problems in constituency. Meet the people face-to-face at IMAX Gardens, Road No. 4 to listen to people problems
  9. Took around 100 samples of drinking water and showed to water board authorties.
Projects under progress related to kukatpally:
  1. Underground drainage in 11 colonies with an expense of Rs.4.40 Crores, which will benefit 2 Lakh people. This will eliminate polluting drinking water with sewage.
  2. 300 mm Manjeera pipeline in Moosapet division.
  3. New roads in phase 9 of Kukatpally Housing Board.
  4. Resume the swimming pool and indoor stadium works on Kukatpally phase 6.
  5. Road expansion works in Kukatpally phase 1.
  6. Establishment of Citizen Help Centers to help Citizens in Government and Municipality works.
  7. 56,000 water connections (10%) in Kukatpally circle are given 9MGD(5%) of water. Efforts are underway to increase the water supply to 16 MGD.

Proposed projects and pending approval:
  1. Foot over Bridge at JNTU Kukatpally.
  2. Cultural auditorium and commercial complex in place of Kukatpally truck park and move the Truck Park to Miyapur.
  3. Sulabh complexes in densely populated places.
  4. Full-fledged water supply scheme to replace the existing chaotic system.
  5. sewerage plants near the existing tanks and wells.
  6. Fence the existing tanks and wells to avoid land grabbing.
  7. Service roads from Moosapet Yjunction to Miyapur to reduce traffic on NH 9
Party administration:
  1. Administer, guide and monitor party units as the head of the Lok Sattta party.
  2. Leading executive board in planning new campaigns and membership plans.
  3. Member of party research wing on state and city schemes and budgets and developing solutions and manifestos.
  4. Organizes weekly press conferences on current affairs like Natural gas issues, flood relief and other political bills.
Misc activities:
  1. Spends three to four hours per week on TV shows to spread political awareness.
  2. Visits universities, private companies as guest speaker activating youth on a monthly basis.
  3. Visits Karnataka, Tamil nadu, Maharastra lok satta head quarters at least once in three months.
  4. Honorary guest at many national and international conferences about democracy and government.
  5. Campaigning on behalf of Lok Satta candidates during various elections like GHMC and state assembly elections.

Pass it on you guys, JP needs to be heard and known by people all over.. maybe we can all shake him up a little and make him more aggressive. I am sure he has an answer for his approach but sir I would like to hear it loud and clear!!!


syamd said...

MLP is MLK Prasanna. He took 2 months vacation and went to India to campaign for Loksatta.

syamd said...

BTW... JP is BOLD at his best. No individual person in current/future politics can put a brave face like him. He is doing his best and we cannot expect more from him.

We need to define what do we mean by being bold. He is against bandh's and strikes. He is against masala or yellow journalism. vaadu vedava... veedu khooni kor... vaadu pundakor... ilantivi tittataniki verey party lu unnai. We don't need JP or LS here. Other parties are already doing it.

During election time he spent hours every day with the media explaining how the system can be improved (not aiming at any individual but ALL in general). But not even a single TV/Paper published them. In fact they sold his lectures to other party libraries as it had deep analysis and research, which no political party can even dream of doing themselves.

oka disti bomma ki edo party jenda tagilinchi... danni cheppultho kotti unte... anni channels live coverage ichi undevi... they don't want what is good... they want what sells. But he made sure that his followers didn't adopt such silly techniques. I see this as an achievement.

When other parties invite journalists, they provide packets. They write based on the 'weight' of the packets. LS provides half cup of tea and two good biscuits each.

There are a lot of people who approached JP last time to get a party ticket. They all wanted to contest on Loksatta's name as they couldn't get seat by other traditional parties. JP declined them. I see this as another achievement. How long he can continue do this? How much he can do things alone?

Look at the voting percentage during GHMC elections? 44%? Is that the best Hyderabad can do? Its easy to criticize JP, but very difficult to follow him.

We have to understand one thing. JP alone cannot do everything. He is one of ants like us who is not happy about the snakes. It is upto us whether to follow his direction. If we are just observing what JP as ant can do... we will be disappointed. There is no doubt JP is a bravest/rarest ant. He is putting up a fight to move mountains. We need to think what is the best way to help him? To move the mountain along with him or stand aside and measure his performance?

Sree said...

true Syam but I guess, he should raise his voice stronger, making people hear his views and raise a voice.. who is stopping them to use their blog/website as their voice.. it is only the educated anyways who support the party as of now... some noise, some little flutter will take them a long way.. i dont want to belittle his efforts but would certainly say, it is just not enough..

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