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Nov 6, 2009

AIDS -- close encounters

This past week has been a little depressing to me because of LO's being sick and a lot of other reasons too.. it has been a bloody week to be precise.. with LO scratching her ear out till it bled and then again her leg got stuck in maid's anklet and she bled again. It is scary bringing up the kids... phew..

The other reason is a couple of deaths within days that caught my attention. As I stay in a village, anything that happens to anyone is known to everyone and since most of the people in the village are too old, it is very common to hear about a death or two in a month. The cause of death was AIDS. Yes, I was kind of taken aback when I got to know that these were not the isolated cases and there were quite a few people in the village attacked by this deadly disease. I felt that it was quite refreshing. No, not the fact that a lot of people are AIDS-stricken but the way they were approaching life and the way rest of the village is reacting to it.

Seriously, to be honest, I have never seen one in real life or let me put it this way, I had never seen one who knows he/she has AIDS or has disclosed it openly to others. The first time, I heard about a case, I was like okay and to be honest, I was like ohhkay, maybe a little wary too. I could not help but have kind of a different sort of feeling... like oh!! is this guy too that of that sort?? and when I look back, I am kind of ashamed of thinking so after knowing so much about the disease that the only mode of transfer is not just sexual connections.

The point of the post is, there are quite a few people affected and no one treats them separately, they go to work, they are invited to every single event in the village, no seggregation nothing. Even uneducated people have come to terms with it and they are just treated as equals. A lesson learned. There are so many things I can say or I can claim but coming to reality, it was a little different. I was just taken aback initially but am now very casual about it all. LO plays with HIV positive kids, they all have fun together, and I am glad I have not shuddered the way my mom did when she got to know they are.. but seriously when it is not infectious, it is not an epidemic, why do I have to bother as long as she and the kids are having fun.

After I got to know about the number of AIDS cases in the village, I was brainstorming as to what little way I can help them.. but honestly, I feel that they don't really need help, all they need is acceptance which they already have. It is our duty to help people not get affected by it rather than try and figure out how to help the already affected.

In my research, I got to know that the lorry drivers, truck drivers with national permit, who remain away from the homes for long stretches of time are the ones who are affected mostly and they spread it to their spouses and unknowingly the kids. A lot of cases have actually come to light when the mother was tested for HIV during pregnancy, heartbreaking isnt it. A few went ahead with the pregnancy, a few tried to commit suicide and a few succeeded to end their lives but the brave lot moves on and educates whosoever is not aware of it all and keep the village youth under control by preaching them by examples.. but still there are new cases cropping up quite often leaving the families shattered. What can be done????? Another issue of concern at the grass-roots level. How can the government contain it. As an individual what should my contribution be??

One good initiative that I have seen is free condom boxes planted at various places like the railway tracks in the village, end of the village, not in total public view but at the same time within reach of everyone who needs one. It is called Ankita box.. will take a pic sometime soon and place it here. It is a real good idea, awareness and providing them with precautions so as not to spread it.

People now know that they should not get injections from re-used needles, they take their own blades to the barber, they are cautious about their health but not conscious about being around those who suffer from it.

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