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Nov 8, 2009

Dear Daughter - 7

Dearest LO:

Unbelievable yet true..
Cant be so fast yet so lightening fast...
Cant end so fast yet it does...

You enter your 8th month tomorrow and maybe this is the first time the mail is a bit early.

The time with you flies.. err... vanishes, seconds watching you turn to minutes and hours and yet it feels like I just laid my eyes on you. I know every mother feels so, am not an isolated case and every mother goes through the very same feeling with the same intensity or maybe more. Maybe just I am being crazy, 'cos time wont stop if I stop blinking looking at you.

This month has been the month of trying to sit up, squiggle down, play in mud, flowers, understanding things around you, lots and lots and lots of changes. You are rapidly developing into an independent being with your own likes and dislikes, I just hope I am providing you the right kind of environment to grow just right within my means.

The best gift you have given me is being able to see life in a new prism with you.. living my life again through you forgetting everything and just being with you is the best balm for my tired soul.

The significant development is you have officially started uttering some sensible sounds after stopping midway through with amma and akka.. it is now atta-taata and aao aao thanks to Zora's hindi flavor :). Mundugaa Atta ante aishwayaram, taata antey aayushhu antaaru kada... you already said amma but officially regularga start chesindi taata anna maata.. adi anna neeku manchi aarogyam, aayusshu, ee renditiki minchi manchi manasu raavali ani naa manasu nindaara deevistunna. May God bless you with a voice as sweet as an angel, a tone that soothes souls, a heart that heals the wounds, and a mind that knows good from bad!!!! God bless and muuuaaahhh....

Another thing my sweetheart is that you have green fingers, whatever you plant flourishes well (touchwood) might be a coincidence but whenever I make you plant a seed or a plant it rains and it does till the plants rises its head up...(touchwood). You seem to have the best time when we do the gardening, me for greenery and you obviously for the mud-play sessions wherein you are allowed to do anything with the mud and water other than putting in your mouth. Just hope you grow up to be as diligent and patient with plants as you are now and have your surroundings clean and green.

One thing I am actually sad about is cutting down the OUR time and leaving you with maids and neighbors every once in a while in a conscious attempt to get you used to my absence but again, using your name is just an excuse. It is actually me who needs to get used to your absence. How did I ever stay with out you so long. Like the words from my favorite song... "every move you make, every breath you take, every step you take, and every bond you break.. I will be there with you, what would I do without you and darling what was I doing without you...." I need to be less obsessive about you before the people brand me a maniac. As it is I am a target of a lot of jokes about our military disciplined routine.. but dear, it is the discipline that would take you long in the long journey of life because my angel, there are miles to go before you sleep.

Love you..


PS -- Her first picture on the blog.. I am way too senti about it, so the softening effect. And yeah that is the picture where she is planting her first plant on this planet.. earning her oxygen on mother earth. How about you guys.. Go green and spread green whenever and wherever possible!!!.


Kalpana said...

Lovely message given by a wonderful baby...!!! :)

Renuka said...

Sree....your sreya will be so excited after seeing all your letters. Such nice thoughts and wonderful words surely will make the world brighter for her!

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