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Nov 23, 2009

Evadabba Sommani...

.... kulukutunnaavayya?? ani Rama dasu Sreeramudini question cheyyadamlo artham undi.. adi enno kashtaalu padi aa baadhalu orchukoleni aavedana... but this is what I would like to ask each everyone in the current political scenario.

I am not a big fan of the political trend in AP, I have so many thoughts and ideas as to how the politician should not be and so many ideas as to how one should be, but no idea at all as to how to go about achieving it. Like I say, BIG THOUGHTS, BIG WORDS, NO ACTION from my side. I kind of get worked up when the very corrupt politicians make claims and challenge. I do not say Rosaiah is a corrupt man entirely and he is the only one but he knows it fully well as to what has happened around him. He was maybe aware of it all through and this enquiry and stuff is just an eyewash. Deep within everyone knows as to what is what but no one wants to own up the responsibility. The Obulapuram mining incident is just a sample of extent of corruption during the current govt. reign. Thousands of crores unaccountable and treasured by a single individual or a firm, unbelievable, yet a sad truth. If a common man like me and you knows the outcome of the enquiry commission review even before it set out in the first place. The leaders expressing surprise and even shock at times is a performance worth an Oscar or even something of a higher recognition.

I unfortunately, happened to be a witness or a viewer of the present CM’s press conference yesterday targeting the opposition and others and even the guts to challenge them on the GHMC election outcome.. Hats off sir, for your excellent performance. The problem with the govt. and the opposition is they take maximum care not to slip up and get exposed of their corrupt deeds and if and if it does happen, then simple abuse each other in public and divert the attention. The poor public, as usual, will focus on their war rather than the actual issue within. WTH?????. How long do they intend to go on and how long do we intend to let it happen.

The CM further goes on to claim CBN has lost his mental balance and no elected public representative should bow down to the pressure resign because it is public’s decision that their party should reign and not the others. We all know why and how the current govt. is in power, not due to the good work done, not because we are so happy with the past 5 yrs but because of the vote-splitting caused by a couple of new entrant parties which went in to their favor. What else would be the reason that maximum number of ministers holding power or a post in the previous govt. failed to show their magic at vote bank. Can there be any other public judgment.

Okay, let us not get into that stuff again, right now whatever it is, whosever fault it is, they are in the power, let them finish their term, act as a watchful opposition and get back to the war of words or deeds in the next election. Get prepared for the next term from now on focusing on the public development and public service which is actually meant to be their job and not by stripping each other naked in a dirty war of words.

The CM goes on to claim that he would resign if TDP gets one single seat more than Cong in the GHMC elections… whose property does he think is the state and why plunder the tax-payers money and leave the state in confusion. If they are in power, they are in a responsible position, need to see what best can be done with limited self-expenditure or expenditure to run the state mechanism and be able to provide maximum benefit to the people. But, who are we to tell them, once they get in to power all talk and no work is what they do right!!!!!!

I am just short of fumes coming out of my ears to show my anger… but who am I angry at. None but myself for inability to vote despite of trying so much and my brethren who can vote and do vote the people to power by selling themselves for a mere 300 rs/- or less and a bottle of alcohol and I must say we lose the credibility to question that injustice meted out to us 'cos we invited it upon us ourselves.

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Sireesha said...

It has been this way since as long as I remember. I have no idea how and where should the change start.

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