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Nov 20, 2009

Priorities and Uncertainities in Life for Livelihood!!!


I was born in a village but brought up in Hyderabad all through my growing up years, job and marriage took me to places like Bangalore and America, but my roots are in the village. But so far, I had never spent an year in the village after I got to understand my surroundings. It was only during the holidays or the times when my parents fought real bad to be sent to granny's place, that I stayed in the village. I really consider myself lucky to know a lot of things that I otherwise would have missed in my life which would be the point of another post some time later.

I had been worrying about the livelihood of the daily wages laborers in the village for quite some time now and the plight of the poor farmer is no less bad. First, it was delay or lack of rains that took some time to start the crops. Then came the flash floods in AP which kind of wiped off the fields in some places. But I was really really happy to see the green fields waving with paddy, just about turning yellow and ready to be cut. It felt really really nice to see that they were flourishing like anything (touchwood) and I was like okay, this time around there will be good output from the field and at least the farmer in Krishna district would be happy, but my happiness was really really short-lived.

It is just about the time for cutting the crops and there is this sudden rainfall. I just cant believe it, how much can one take. The poor farmer as it is gets nothing. The crop that he sells for almost nothing, the paddy costs him multifold to buy in the open market in the form of rice. The farmer after toiling and sweating half-year round or whole year around depends on rain and sun for the crop. The person who prays the mother earth and feeds us all is starving. The laborer who helps him is in a worse shape.

The wind and the rain is breaking a farmer's back.. the crop that has fallen down due to rain and wind is not getting a chance to get back up.. the paddy is germinating :(( which would only mean less of production in the crop and more of hardships.. why??? why should such things happen.

It is scary. We, the so-called educated individuals convert the farming lands into real estate and build up the concrete jungle. We have secure jobs, we have a luxurious lifestyle. We work in the a/c, get our pay, and lead a happy life. It is just now, due to recession that we are having some problem, otherwise we wouldnt even bother with what is happening in the world because we are busy minting money either in the s/w firms here or abroad and buying up more and more of property and engrossed in personal issues. We just do not know what it is to be able to see the fruits of our labor go down the drain. It is only now we have the fear of losing our livelihood thanks to the recession and that kind of shakes us up, but what about the poor farmer who sees through all the calamities and just when he is about to reap the fruit of the toil, he is put to test by nature.

My heart goes for those people whose lives depend on the income from the farms. Seeing from close quarters, it just leaves me drained. If just thinking about it has that effect on me, what about the one going through it.

Thank you oh annadata, thank you for deciding to cultivate and feed us. Thank you for not joining our bandwagon and build up the concrete jungle. Thank for the patience to be put through the turmoil time and again and give us food. Thank you, thank you for not giving up.

We have come to a point where a lot of kids only know that rice comes from trees, the crop is called paddy but how many of them have seen them actually growing... forget the generation next, I myself havent seen the paddy crop closely until the other day. Biyyam chetla ninchi pandutundi... err.. vadlu pandutay adi biyyamga maari manam annam vandukuntaam ani cheppatame kaani choopinchaleni rojulu already vacchesay. Inka emi choodalsi vastundo... :(.

I leave you with a thought and question by a neighbor of mine.. "amma computer computer antaaru, computer polam dunnutunda, vaana kuripistundaa, panta pandistundaa... memu lekapote aa computer nokkevaadiki annamedi amma??" Nijam taata, meeru lekapote memu evaram lemu kaani maaku ninnu gurinchi alochinche time ledu... adi cheduga unna.. nijamga nijam.

I feel that I should do so much for the nation and give back something for the world that has given me everything, but well that is the hypocrite in me speaking.. I want to be in civil services and want my daughter to be in armed forces or I want her to be in civil services but I cant bring myself to say okay I want her to be a farmer or for that matter maybe I would even hesitate if she were to wed a farmer, ‘cos of the uncertainty factor in their lives. I have always thought of doing something for the village from outside that place, that is doing something only after making myself comfortable and now that I am actually here and have ample of time that set me to re-think what I actually want to do and what I actually want!!!!


Renuka said...

Sree..this is very much true. everywhere cultivation depends very much on weather, but how do you think developed nations like america are coping up though their weather is totally not helpful. I seriously think when will we adopt modern cultivation and when govt will focus on it rather just giving away free power or bla bla blah....
computers does help..but unfortunately agricultural engineers never get a satisfactory job in their field.

syamd said...

"... we are busy minting money either in the s/w firms here or abroad"...
I completely disagree with this statement. Nothing comes for free in this world. Everybody in every field have to work their way up for their livelihood. I am not belittling the efforts of farmers or anybody for that matter.

We have to analyze the issues indepth in all directions. seetha kastalu seethavi peetha kastalu peethavi.

Agriculture has major share in our GDP (60%), software share is slowly increasing and now it is at 7% I think. 70% of our workforce is engaged in agriculture! There is no demand for new work force in this area. How do you think the conditions will improve automatically? We don't want to modernize agri methods because we don't have any other work for this agriculture labor.

We have 57% of cultivation land. This is slowly coming down because of constant pressure from growing population as well as growing urbanization.

On a different note there is scope to improve in the Agriculture area. Unpredictable climate is a challenge, which is not in our control. We should concentrate on things that are in our hand. Improve the facilities for farmer. For example we all know what happened to distributing pesticides last year.

Another main problem that farmer's are facing these days is minimum guarantee price. We have seen what onion price did to govt's earlier. Tomatoes are sold 25 rupees one day and a ridiculous 25 paise one day. Its a simple Demand-Supply rule. When the price is 25, all the farmers starts cultivating tomatoes. It is not their fault. It is the fault of the system for not educating/advising these farmers.

How many times did you see price fluctuating for any of the groceries when you were here in US (except for rice imported from India)? Demand/Supply with a combination of advanced food storage methods is the key. Food processing is another area that our Govt should concentrate on.

You can listen to JP's ideas on how Govt. can control/improve price fluctuation.

Also Loksatta has 5 out of its 50 guarantees for farmers.

Guarantee 31 is on how computer/internet can help farmers.

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