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Nov 24, 2009

Jagan-naataka Soothradhaarulu...

I have decided to go for my take on the events of the day in AP or India in general whenever I could spare some time. I aspire to be in civil services some time soon and that needs a lot of meticulous and planned study hours along with a very strong goal-oriented preparation. With the baby and her needs put first, along with this regular struggle for survival, it is a little tough to be able to spend that quality time, so maybe once she is a couple of years old or maybe when I have the courage to be able to leave her to the care of maids when attending the classes or doing the prep, I would restart.. So, until then the least thing I can do is keep myself posted as to the happenings around and as I do, I would like to do this little exercise of doing my take on the day gone by!!
Liberhan Report
The Babri masjid issue that happened around 17 yrs. ago on Dec 6, 1992 was not something which was done in a fit of anger but a pre-planned and executed act.. big surprise huh!!! More about it HERE.. It has been 17 years since this event happened and with no solution as of yet on hands, it is still a burning topic and a hot cake in the political scenario. It is good that the culprits are brought up it open and it would be great if an action is taken such that any other person deciding to do such thing would think twice, but would that happen or would the topic "Babri-Masjid" still be an active campaigning slogan for the political bigwigs!! Unfortunately, there are quite a few people around who feel it is justified to demolish the masjid in the land where their Lord Rama was born. But seriously, what is so big deal about it, yes Rama was born there and if we are such big devotees of Rama, we need to follow his principles and live up to his image... I just fail to understand how the grass root workers get instigated by the leaders. Cant they just think about their own families before they jump into this riot acts. It is those people who keep doing the rounds of court and police stations, booked in cases, living in fear but the actual people behind it are cool and happy behind the a/c doors and even protected by public security provided by our blood and sweat tax-money!!!! wake up... phew.. I get carried away so easily... **fumes**.

Keeping aside the political aspect, I just wish and pray that the report is taken seriously and Liberhan committee or whatever it is, which has taken sooo long and spent so much money on just to bring out what is a well-known fact, the real culprits behind it are taken to task. Rather than using Babri Masjid as a pawn to move ahead politically do something about it and put an end to the 17-year-old and 100s of crores expensive saga.. and not to speak about the aftermath!!!!!

OMC to stop excavations
Despite of the large hue and cry regarding the illegalities in the mining, the discrepancies in borders, etc., it is surprising that the company is still into excavating and going on as if nothing has happened and the government just leaving it aside saying it is awaiting the committee's report to take an action.

It is clearly established that Jagati Publications or whatever the firms are named in the issue are either directly or indirectly related to the late CM of AP, but the govt. is either ignoring it or pretending to be ignorant of all the findings and busy beating the pulp out of opposition and the opposition is busy with the elections and self-promotion. When will these people be put to task??


Rajesh T said...

I wish you all the best for your civil's preparation (if it is still going on). If you are not able to spare time for civils, please give some thought on writing a book or doing something big. Please don't remain as just a blogger. You have everything that a great politician or writer would generally have.

And also please post something on your telugu blog site atleast once in two weeks (may be a two line joke would also be fine). I got your blog through your telugu blog only. I am sure there will be many people out there who would really be interested in your blogs.

Sree said...

thank you very much.. will do so.

kirru said...

good writing. at least we can stop him to getting into power

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