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Nov 29, 2009

KCR-TRS, Telangana... Pent-up anger!!!!

Telangana comprises of 9 districts Medak, Rangareddy, Warangal, Adilabad, Khammam, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Karimnagar, and Nizamabad, the state capital Hyderabad also falls in it. Seriously speaking other than Hyderabad, I have not actually heard of anything much about the rest of the districts other than reading about them in geography books. SRC (state reorganization committee) headed by Fazal Ali in the year 1953 appointed by the then Prime Minister Nehru to re-arrange the states on a linguistic basis which submitted its findings by 1955. The findings were in favor of a different state because of the concerning uneven distribution of resources, the coastal Andhra was endowed with fertile lands and the water resources, the major sources Krishna and Godavari flow through Telangana but lack of dams/irrigation projects and control has never let the people use the resources fully.. After so many political turns and twists and interventions unified Andhrapradesh was formed in the year 1956 on Nov 1 after self-sacrifice of Potti Sri Ramulu whose fast-unto-death acted as the final trigger to the already red-hot issue back then and there was something called a Gentleman's agreement which kind of brought an understanding between leaders from both Andhra and Telangana for equal distribution of resources and many more condition and clauses for the development of the downtrodden areas in both zones.

Lot of people out there are still where there were back then, there is to a large extent lack of literacy, development, nutrition, everything you name it, you find it. Why is there so much of a difference.

But unfortunately, I have seen no proportionate development, while the region of Andhra has developed drastically, the other areas are just kind of neglected, the revenue pumped in Hyderabad was distributed majorly to the already developed coastal region ignoring the Telangana to a large extent and some instances completely as well. Nearly nothing from the agreement was implemented with led to the anger amongst the leaders of Telangana and a movement for separate state was launched aggressively in 1969 which was famous as Jai Telangana Movement which turned violent and many students have lost their lives and the movement gradually lost its spark and there were a few voices raised here and there against the injustice but nothing concrete but from 2000 onwards there has been some movement in the leaders of Telangana.

Since then though random voices were raised and emotions were recharged nothing was strong enough to make the government look back. Some time back in 2000 or so, BJP was in favor of giving separate Telangana but the coalition partner TDP was vehemently against it, so it did not materialize either. TRS then had a coalition with Congress which has promised to strive for separate state, in word but not as an agreement. So, KCR vexed with no action, again joined with TDP for the sake of separate Telagana but fell flat in the recent 2009 elections and kind of lost his credibility. To me, as a common man/woman KCR felt like an opportunist raising voice only when his own personal vested interests were not satisfied, the great alliance was something which irked me a lot!!!!!

To me, KCR (Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao), is a hardcore politician who once in a while wakes up from a deep slumber and remembers the cause of his political entry and talks and talks and drinks and then talks, he means to do good for the downtrodden but I guess only after his personal motives are met. He enjoys the power and suddenly realizes that his people need to be empowered too. He means well for the people of Telangana districts just once in a while. To me, he is a nautanki-personified. I havent been in touch with his brand of politics though.

He was born in Medak dt, a Masters graduate in Literature from Osmania University, into politics representing Mehaboobnagar constituency. He began his political career through TDP prior to which he was working as a travel agent I guess, not really sure as to his background, but he was a deputy speaker in TDP govt. at the time he left TDP and started TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) which was supposedly to work for a separate statehood for Telangana in 2001. So, it has taken 9 yrs. for him to wake up and make a move this drastic.

I do not see any result from this fast-unto-death drama of his. Yeah you might call me unkind or ignorant but I just feel it is one of his dramas.

I agree, Telagana is the largest of all the three regions Andhra, Rayalaseema, and Telangana yet the development seen in the other two places is clearly lacking in Telangana. Reason???? The CMs from the respective regions have developed their own regions giving a cold shoulder to the Telangana Talli. I agree, the people out there are vexed with futile exercise of waiting up for the leadership to keep up their promises. It is 50+ years and all the plans, agreements, promises, requests, threats, movements just went above the heads of the leadership in both state and center and it is not a surprise that the movement is gradually gaining momentum and people across the globe are trying to help out with the cause for their motherland. I really really appreciate the efforts of NRIs from back there who come down to the underdeveloped and unpriviliged lot and willing to give back to the society they come from.

I just hope KCR just doesnt give it up when everyone is geared up for it. Do I want a separate state, nope I dont want but if that is the only way the people out there can get justice then let it be. I just hope and pray there is light in their lives.

I however, do not like the people creating ruckus on the roads after the arrest of KCR, what the hell, KCR will never get into a bus, wake up you common man, it is we the common people who need to use the govt. resources. We are damaging our very own property. If people are out there on the roads threatening to go for suicides or violence and all, it is their foolishness. Silence and nonviolence is the best policy and people will just have to bow!!!!

It is not about KCR, it is about your motherland Telangana that the fight is on and let him take his own course of action, if he is arrested, cant others jump in put the pressure with peace. It is not fight of a single individual, it is the collective cry for justice, anger pent up after years and years and years of waiting for things to be set right but being shown empty hand time and again. We empower the leaders with power with the power in our own hands (vote) and give one person/one group to rule over us according to their whims and fancies, let us not fall prey to the selfish motives of politicians time and again and go out and fight it out!!!

Good luck!!

PS: By the way, I was born, raised, and currently residing in Coastal Andhrapradesh and this is my stand on Telangana.


rk blogs in said...

please read my blog too , its the same.

Venugopal said...

Well written

Jai Telangana!

Maithri said...

Really a nice article....
nadegara oka incident undi share cheskonike.... iyala ma office la oka pilla emannadante...AP nunche max paddy India ki vasthadi ani.... nsku nacchale....

so nee information lo mana telangana region lo unna fields gurinchi kuda mention cheyocchu, mirchi, cotton, and about the our rivers, universities, prominent ppl. etc. in comparission to Andhra and Rayalaseema region. ........Maithri

Ajay said...

Hey good one......offcourse not sure how much separate telanaga would help telangana......

Hari said...

Hi andi....I was following your blogs from a long case you don't know..err...u actually don't know.mee posts nachutai..mee papa baavundaa?

btw..nenu login avvagane first meedi inkokalladi emana kotta posts unai emo chustaa..tarvate nenu raasta...;)

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