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Nov 19, 2009

Me, Just Me!!

I would personally say, kids or no kids.. doesnt make a difference. I am what I was before LO and though a mother, I will always be MYSELF first and next the mother. If I smother my being to be an identity like someone's wife or someone's mother, I would be pretending and in the long run, for my temperament I would eventually burst out. I wont be happy killing my identity. For me, more than being a mother, being a human being is what comes first. I have my daughter, I love her to bits, she is my responsibility, she is my world for now and I am hers.. what next??? She would grow up eventually, turn out to be an individual with her own thoughts and feelings and the need for that very "her own space" which I need now. Until then, no doubt I am there for her, but later on, if I kill my very identity I would just be a burden on her, clinging on to her for my emotional needs and being an emotional wreck if she doesn't respond the way I want her to and which would be a handicap for her.. tell me is it necessary.

When I speak my mind out, people might call me a bad mother, woman, or an individual, I dont really care, I know what I am.. and aaww.. I love my daughter and in order to provide her with complete wholesome environment, I need to love myself more.. I need to keep myself healthy to keep her fit, and yes, I need to practice before I preach her... easy to say, tough to put in practice.

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