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Nov 28, 2009

Mining Mafia..

The term coined is exactly fitted. What the hell, here we are trying to figure out what to pass on to the generation next in terms of nature and its exploitation and there they are looting away mother earth's womb to glory.

Mining the resources, cheating the govt. it is so easy right.. give them a share and they dont talk.. they dont have a share and see others taking away the chunk they stomp, create ruckus and bring it to the fore.. no wonder mother earth is showing its fury in the form of natural calamities. Extremes in climate, no rains in rainy season, deadly hot summers, chilly cold winters, all is there to see yet we dont realize. These people minting money for selves storing for generations ahead in their own family dont realize that they are doing the Midas thingie all over again.

By the way, what was the media that creates furor over small things like a couple on the road arguing away personal stuff and all that, doing when the OMC was in a rush to transfer the ore from the mines. Why wasnt the media covering it and why weren't there any exclusive bulletins like this is our channel's exclusive coverage, dont go anywhere. In spite of the stay and the committee and all that happening and the nation's eyes focusing on them they could do that, isnt it what we call mafia???? What does that mean.. evadem cheptey naakenti aney dheemanena?? aa mafia to sampaadinchina dabbuni vedajimmi Karnataka lo laaga prabhutvanni saasistaara/saasistunnara? Matistimitam ledu Chandrababuki ani busyga personal statements pass chese mukhyamantri mukhyamaina vishyaallo enduku neellu namulutunnaru??? JP sir, meeru ekkada, emi chestunnaru??? Vela kotlu antu lekkalu choopedutundi gudlappaginchi choodatam minahaa emi cheyyagaladu saamanyudu.. aina samaanyudey tana votu hakkuni sarigga viniyoginchukunettayite ee badhey undadu kada.

So, with that issue going on, TRS is doing its level best to divert its attention from the pressing concerns.. Agreed, Telangana is one area which has been neglected since the time AP is formed. There is not as much progress as in AP, people still struggle for bare minimum where as people in fertile coastal region enjoy all the benefits, there is geographical discrimination and yes, definitely political discrimination as well, people do starve, people do struggle like anything, they deserve better life. But is it the right way to do. Are the leaders like KCR going to bring about progress to the downtrodden. Sadly, no. It is the people themselves who can do it. Telangaana pratyeka raashtram sounds good, but unna rashtramlo jarigevi bayatapetti jarige akramaala guttu rattu chesi, media attention positivegaa aa issues meedaki teppinchi, paiki raavadaniki krushi cheyavalsindi poyi, enti godavalu... naa kanna talli, naa puttinillu AP adi mukkalautuntey choodalantey chaala badhaga undi but then I am ready to face it if and if only that would give prosperity to my brethren over there.. can anyone guarantee the progress??? do we need the additional burden, cant we get the best out of the existing arrangement... chinni chinni mukkalu chesukuntoo potey emi migulutundi asalu.. kotlu mingey netalu kaburlu cheptaaru, chali kotu kooda leka vilavila laadey janam, 100ki 50ki kakkurti padi vaari venta veltaaru.. vaalla kotlu taragavu, veella kotlu nilavavu :((((((((....

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