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Nov 1, 2009

Naalo Unna Manasu...

I absolutely love the movie Antuleni Kadha. There are families where such things really happen. There are people who still give up their happiness for the sake of people only to be abandoned. There are a few lucky people who get peace and comfort in their old age after so much of sacrifice. Again, this is something like a factual fiction with some movie masala added to it, but by and large a movie which kind of shows the naked reality. My heart really goes for Jayapradha's character each time I see the movie and no matter how much I say, okay this is the last time I am going to see it, I end up watching it given a chance...

There are a couple of songs in which I like.. but this song sung by the legendary S. Janaki touches my heart each time I listen to it and says that I am not alone with problems, there are many out there and kind of soothes my soul. It is strange how comforting it feels to know I am not alone.. does that mean that I have that sadistic pleasure of seeking comfort in others' pain???? phew... ento naaku nenu chacchinaa artham kaanu :(.

Movie -- Antuleni Kadha
Singer -- S. Janaki

kallalo unnadedo kannulake telusu - 2
Raallalo unna neeru kallakelaa telusu -2
Naalo unna manasu naaku gaaka inkevariki telusu.. !!kallalo!!

Taane mantai velugettu deepam… cheppadu tanalo chelaregu taapam
Ne vellu daari… o mulla daari - 2
Raaleru evaru.. naato cheri
Naalo unna manasu naaku gaaka inkevariki telusu -- !!Kallalo!!

Vesavilonu vaanalu raava… Kovela silaku jeevam raada
Jarigenaadey jarugunu anni
Jariginanaade teliyunu konni
Naalo unna manasu naaku gaaka inkevariki telusu -- !!Kallalo!!


Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, ee paata eppudu vinaledhu. intiki vellaka lo vethiki vintaa

sugi mouni said...

absolutely ri8........... ee song lo ni anubhavaalu na life lo kuda jariginavi.......... hats off to this song........ entha meaning vunnadi.... entha ardam vunnadi...... super .......

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