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Nov 11, 2009

Really Really Long... :)

Looking back, it has been almost a year and half or more since I actually cooked up a real meal. I did cook a couple of times maybe Maggie or some curry, some odd dish here and there, countable on fingers... so when I decided to dish up a real meal for my mama who is a Swamy in Ayyappa Deeksha and about to leave to Sabari Mala in a couple of days, it felt like a real huge task!! To top it up, I had no help, may be that was God's will. Did I panic... need I tell that?? I did... washing, cleaning, cooking, took up a real long time and the most shameful thing is I did not even know what was where :(.. need to go there more often. Right now, all I do is keep the ingredients and stuff ready for LO's meals and oversee the preparation of just her meal.

Thankfully, with the kiddo taken care of by neighbors and only attending to her at feed times, I managed it well.. and yeah it calls for more than celebration as everything turned out real tasty, helloo... self dabba kaadu... it really tasted good.

So, the resolution is to do it more often, and become a reasonably good cook, if not an expert by the time LO's palate demands more tastes...

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