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Nov 8, 2009

Watching Her...

... watching the rain is one of the many best things so far.

LO watches rain with an awe-struck look I so wish I had a handycam to capture it all but the what the heck, had I been busy capturing it all, I would have missed that first rain feeling with her. Yesterday was a complete full-fledged rain watching session for her. First time after she began to observe things and understand whatever she does :). The wonder in her eyes, the curiosity trying to figure out where the water was coming from keeping her eyes and mouth wide open, correlating the sound to the rain drops, watching the drops turn to bubbles and travel a little and then burst, it was all so new and exciting for her and she made sure that I understand that she was observing a lot of things.

.... and for the first time in years, maybe ever since my childhood, I have actually enjoyed the rain falling down from the thatched roof, the gold-colored drops trickling down the grass, the bubbles in the water, the water canals, the tiny frogs jumping up and down, the cool breeze, the sound of rain drops on the parapet, the shaking leaves due to the rain force, even the minutest detail of the rain. It feels so refreshing to watch the drops fall on the leaves, everything is so clean and fresh, the dust accumulated on the leaves just gets washed away showing the leaves in their best form... well, when God has given us so many natural marvels to enjoy, it is really unfortunate that we get stuck to our monotonous routine, preferring to watch TV instead of the rain. If not for my daughter, I had actually forgotten how good it actually feels to be in rain and enjoy rain.

Thank you kiddo for making me look back at life the way you do... love you baby.. God bless and may you retain this blessing for ever.

As I type this, I hear the chirping sounds of birds, the fresh green leaves moving gently with the cold breeze and the sound of your deep breathing and need I say, I have never been so close to heaven so far!!!

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Kalpana said...

varshaanni alaa chusthu enjoy chesthunte time ae theliyakundaa pothundi... Inka S watching ante superb feel kadaa... :)

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