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Nov 5, 2009

Yayy and Nayy

Sachin crosses 17K runs.. the only person to do so... yay!!!! enduko naa dikkumalina mindki morning paper choosi duck out avutaademo ani addamaina doubt vacchindi but okay, no ducks... so hurray!!!!!!! good job master blaster Sachin!!!! Proud of you!!! anteylendi.. manam chesi chacchedi emi undakapoyina evariana chestey ubbi tabbibbavvadamlo tappu ledu kada :).

PRP-Congress so-called coming together for Greater Hyderabad elections --- Nayyy... I had a kind of hope, no matter how tiny it is that this guy Chiru starting the party with so much dhamaaka would do some good, or at least keep the govt. on the toes... ayyo.. on the toes enti.. gurru petti padukuntunnaru govt. vellunna kooda emaatram bhayam lekunda. I am yet to see some kind of genuine change these guys promised. Other than the changes in their party, people leaving them, joining them, publicity stunts by Pavan Kalyan and the others, I do not see any change... and God, can you drive some sense into that guy's mind that BIL is good with family affairs.. No matter how much you say you treat the state like your family, keep the BIL away and let him just manage your life and family not the state. Thoroughly disappointed about this event in the recent past.

Telugu script readers slowly vanishing --- Nay!!! Maatrubhaasani amma bhaasha ane stageki vacchesaru pillalu... thank God, neeyamma bhaasha anatledu ani nenu saripettukuntunna :((((. I would just want to the generation next understanding their language. English is a global language but my Telugu is sweeter than anything 'cos it is my mother tongue.. maatru bhaasha.

Sreevari Nagalu 52 Kotlu -- Nay!!! -- Come on who the hell is going to believe this anyway, I just wont... antey anni daachesukoga, taakattu pettesukoga migilina sommaa idi??? or aa rojullo.. I mean Krishnadevarayala vaari kaalam naati viluva kattaara?? Where are we heading up to!!

Increasing child/teenage suicides -- Nay!! -- This is alarming as to how the trend seems to be catching up, kids as small as 11 and 12 yrs. committing suicide... (mouth wide open) will write a big post soon.. but this really kills me from within.

KCR -- Nayyyyy.. Nayyy... Nayyyy!! Cheap language, chillara veshalu, out and out disgusting fellow in the current political scenario.

Jagan - Rosaiah camps -- Nayyy!! Evaro okaru nilakadaga undi bandi nadapandira babu... and by the way, what is the rush to be a CM. Now that YS is no more Sakshi sees problems with govt.. great!!!

Seven-Seater Autos -- Nay!!! -- Speed kills and these autos kill you faster.. cant the govt. put in some regulations on them :(.

Bigg Boss - 3 starts -- Yay.. AB hosts -- Nayy... I just dont like AB's hosting... pheeka pheeka anchoring for a spiced up show. This is the only show I watch on TV these days.. kya karoon controlhi nahin hotaa!!!

Ganesh -- Yayy!! -- This is a cool feel-good movie.

Mallanna -- Nayy!!! Mix and match of Gentleman, Sivaji, and Aparichitudi anipinchindi... waste of time.. Sriya.. yucky!!!

Eenadu -- Yay!! Did not watch "The Wednesday" so felt this movie was cool but Kamal's talent was wasted in a role which justified itself in just about the last 15 minutes..

Josh -- Nay!! Chaitanya has some potential, better than father in his initial days... got a lot of image breaking to reach a point his father did thanks to his grandfather, father, and cousins.

Not in any particular order, these are the things that really get to me these days and some of the upsides.. and yes, I do manage to get some time to watch movies, when??? when the kiddo is sick and I need to do a night-out watching her out....

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hmm...chala vishayalu cover chesesare....Good good :)

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