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Dec 21, 2009

Lagadapati surfaces... 14 hours of high drama.. what next???

Lagadapati surfaces after 14-hour high tension drama... He supposedly, came by on a bike or an auto and ran into the NIMS hospital in Hyderabad. So, a very dirty end to dirty politics is what I would say.. he escapes in a Qualis infront of 100s of policemen and surfaces after 14 hours.. that means he surfaces only when he wants to.. great!! now I understand why our nation is an easy target for terrorist attacks.. a person supposedly week from 8 days of hunger strike outwits the police force and security in the hospital and reaches Hyderabad in spite of Red Alert along the route and is suddenly seen in a flash running into the hospital with a jacket and outrunning the police outside the hospital and cut the scene, next he is on the hospital bed looking tired and sleepy.. wow, performance needing an Oscar...

accha so he has jaundice now, and what else???

I fail to understand what he wants to prove... I would have appreciated it if he went on to hunger strike somewhere without being caught by the police.. no he did not do that... so that implies he obviously wants to get treated and get treated at the best of facilities in the state that is NIMS... whats wrong with NRI hospital by the way.. no answer!!!

He simply seems to be another madman with a stone in his hand (picchodi chetiki enduku manam raallanistunnam?).

Whose failure is it...
**he escape in front of whole media and police... and surprisingly no one can trace him unless he himself surfaces.
**there was red alert everywhere and obviously he has not walked all the way, so how efficient is the red alert.

So, to my simple brain, he seems to make a mockery of his own party government. It is nothing but attention-seeking tactics.. what else can be the explanation. Why are still people mad to believe this guy and go with him. Supports saying that they would destroy if he is not seen.. what the hell is it??? if he genuinely meets an accident on the way due to his mad acts, will they still burn the city.. bull$$$%#$.

and whole of the govt. machinery cannot trace him and he reaches NIMS in an auto for treatment.. I fail to understand what he wants to achieve by this and why people still do support this guy... I just cant understand???... let me regroup my thoughts and come back.. Why do I time and again fail to get the logic behind things that affect us in a huge way... that is politics..

This media is now creating a hype on his health condition.. well i dont see anything wrong with this guy capable of doing this thing, literally holding the state to ransom.. what the hell... what the hell.. what the helllllllllllllllllllllll.....

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Kalpana said...

I feel that he is perfect raa... Whatever, his intention is to prove that, ilaa chesthe thappa normal gaa velthe hyd lo adugupettanivvaru anemo... Hmmm...

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