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Dec 20, 2009

Arent people of AP sick and tired

... of the high political drama unfolding around them??? I for one am.. I wake up due to this severe cough of mine which neither lets me sleep nor lie down and instead of browsing, I put the TV on for a change.. and yes, it doesnt fail to entertain me, amuse me, and irritate me like it always does.

Well, well, what do I see..
**Lagadapati escapes from the hospital, supposedly walks out stating he wants to talk to media, gets into his car, crashes the gate in a filmy fashion (well he has that filmy background after all) and escapes in front of 200 or more policemen/security whatever. (so much of security.. sigh.. the politicians never fail to divert attention to them drifting away from the actual issue)
**Wife complains no enough facilities in the hospital (well, that is where people from 2 districts go for treatment by the way for better treatment and if it is not enough then he as a public representative should have dealt with that issue before he set about unifying AP)... and what are you complaining for, isnt he on fast-unto-death.. which actually means no food until the demands are met or death fasting, he is better off with something rather than nothing in that deeksha camp.
**supporters threaten destruction if he is not traced and blame the police for this high-tension drama (well, anything is possible...)

Latest flash news
** he drops his gunmen
**he is in a qualis.
**he might be on NH-9
lot of speculations flying around... saying he seems to be caught yet time and again he escapes.. (and if any of his enemies catch him before the police do, what then??)..

here I fail to understand if it is the failure of machinery to contain a single individual or a cover-up by the machinery on something... (everything is so fishy, I have soo many doubts.. where is he escaping and what does he want to prove by it???)

Unaware of it all, a common man sleeps (what a bliss is this ignorance) to wake up to what?? I was happy to finally see an end to 3-day bandh and the life coming to standstill waiting for a fresh start. Monday had never been as inviting as tomorrow when I slept last night but I wake up in the middle of the night and wish to go back to sleep and wish that the mischief-mongers do the same and please whatever it is trace that Goddamn guy and lock him up in some place secure rather than let him around the roads posing a threat to self and other innocent people.

and media people, please do give us a break and rather being instigative, be a little investigative and genuine for the sake of peace TRACE HIM DOWN NOW!!!

So, what would I do if I chance up on this guy on the escape mode in my village... lock him up and give him a tight spanking to get it right and hope people AP do the same so that other people like him learn a lesson!!! phew!!

Good luck to me and AP to gear up to what we have in store thanks to all this and more.. 'cos it is 100s of lives on stake because of his as the supporters go into a frenzy and no wonder if the mob rule begins!! Have a Safe Monday...

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