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Dec 7, 2009

Collegie Kurravaada... kulsaaga tirigetoda!!

Collegie kurravada kulaasaga tiregetoda
vilaasala maata maruvaro.. o vidhyardhi
viplavaala baata nadavaro, o vidhyardhi..

donationlu kattataaniki doodapeyyanamminaaru
feesulu chellinchataaniki chelli gaajulamminaaru
pustakaalu konadaaniki talli pustelamminaaru
batuku baagu chestaavani ro.. oh vidhyardhi
basteeki pampinaaruro.. oh Vidhyaardhi

This is one song my friend used to sing while I was in school and me being the rebel and a fan of naxalism and all, fell in love with it instantly. Yes, got me right, I was into reading and listening to naxal literature thanks to her father and his friends. But gradually, the interest in it faded. I did not quite know what was wrong, but felt there was something wrong, maybe it was in the system, maybe it was in the surroundings around me. But I was always awestruck by the words rebellion, naxalism, revolution and all and that seemed to be the most IN thing to do. Why?? Honestly, maybe it was just a fashion trend at that time in my tiny mind.

Later on gradually, it faded and as the reality sank in, the struggle of life, the struggle to move on with it, pushed the high aspirations and the political rebel in me into the farthest corner and all I do now is just wonder and wonder and sometimes shout in this space and then again wonder.. sigh.. there I digress...

So, this agitation, Jai Telangana movement or whatever it is, really really unfortunate. The students or the name of the students being dragged into it is really sad to note. When I look at the students on the TV, I find it hard to digest and believe that they are students actually, it looks like unemployed/uneducated youth are bought and sent to give life to false agitation. I agree there is anger in all sectors of life and all age groups towards the injustice meted to them time and again but the way they are reacting is not believable. The TV channels showing and mentioning time and again that "tama priyatama naayakudu, tama hakkulakosam praana tyaagam cheyyadaniki siddhapadda mahaneeyudu, anna KCR, kosam vidhyarthi prapamcham viplavam shrushtistundi, blah.. blah.." tyaga moorthi my foot, all the student unions put together tell him that they take charge of the movement and dont want him in the picture, the next thing he would do is go for a best corporate hospital and then go underground for a while before cooking up new strategy.. What is he doing right now, enjoying all the attention diverting it from the cause.

If they were actually educated youth they would never give into great actors like KCR. Their wisdom and knowledge would let them see through his selfishly-directed motives rather than collective benefit. Gandhiji has given us a weapon of satyagraha but what is the "satya" and what is the "aagraha" directed at? There is also something called non-cooperation that can be followed. If the employees feel they are sidelined "pen-down" dont work, get together, no point burning buses, effigies, and thereby burning a hole in our own pocket. Just refuse to cooperate to run the public machinery smoothly.. Is it that tough, tougher than burning buses and beating down people and destroying shops.

Refuse to do any work, refuse to go to college, refuse to rest until you get the justice. Do not let the leaders like them to ruin your already ruined and downtrodden lives. What is the guarantee that KCR and his family doesnt do another KODA act? what is the guarantee that the people in a separate state are not left to minimum wage, no work guarantee life and go across states for a decent livelihood like people from Jharkand and all do.

Yes, we fight for our rights.
Yes, we fight for what is rightfully ours.
Yes, we fight for justice.
Yes, we fight for equality.
Yes, we fight for everything good.. but shouldnt the means justify the end that we want to achieve.

Why give that man KCR, a many with a body full of ailments from head to toe, who is on drip continuously and the only reason we are to believe that he is on fast-unto-death is that he is not accepting any solid food the credit for the hardwork the youth is putting. He has been under proper care from minute 1 he decided to go for fasting, rather announcing 3 weeks before actually even attempting that what was the point. Every one of us, even a layman knows that just talks wont work and we need something drastic to happen, then why not start off spontaneously and show that you are genuinely stuck to the cause. Why is it that only his son, nephew, and daughter is actively participating in all active decisions.. no one else in the party is it.. or Telangana comprises only of one family???

If and if there is an understanding now between the leaders and the issue is parked for a while with a few promises, who will run around the court for the cases registered on them, who is going to suffer once their names are in the police records as anti-social elements. Okay, if there is a separate state minus Hyderabad, what is the progress aspect of the rest of the districts??? will that issue be finalized there? What is this concept of free zone all about, something that benefits the rich and famous or the poor and needy..

I just hope and wish the students dont fall into the trap of the leaders and think on their own. If this is a rebellion and a struggle for freedom, so be it but let that be genuine, let that be peaceful, let that be strong. Diluting the very essence of the movement by diverting the attention for all wrong reasons is the key strength of politicians.. why give them the chance in the first place. If it is youth power talking, let the youth power be the one leading the new state or existing state or whatever. I just wish that whatever it is that is gained by this movement right now at this moment is not thrown away to the greedy vultures like KCR and family.

It is Srikanth's family that is at loss now, it does not really bother me unless I want to think about it or for that matter, it doesnt bother anyone other than his immediate blood relatives.. we read in paper, we watch in tv, we might shed a tear or two, or take it a little way longer by paying tributes but then that is it.. he is forgotten, he just becomes another anonymous person in this struggle....

Unified AP, segregated AP, whatever, if the people are prospering it is good... being played as pawns in the hands of well-calculated manipulative political minds, adding fuel to the fire once in a while is just not acceptable.. given a chance, leaders will break AP into colonies and try to rule to fill their own pockets.. is that what we want, is this what our education has taught us to do?..

Burning Potti Sreeramulu statue, demolishing them is not an answer to the solution. Prior to reorganization, Telangana was a separate state while Andhra and Madras were merged together. It was for separation of those states on linguistic basis that he fought for rather than merger of Telangana and telugu-speaking places. It was against SRC, that the merger had happened to satisfy the anger after his death after a prolonged fasting, 50 days and more to be precise and only then the anger went out of control... and if I am not wrong, he had undertaken another fast prior to this, giving the govt. a chance, which he stopped as he was promised and only when it was not fulfilled after a considerable time lapse, he went on for another one.. so why not this guy do the same if it is genuinely in the interest of people.

It is not right to compare those 2 guys, PS had no family to speak of to bring into the fore, no political high hopes to get into power, it was pure following Gandhism for a dedicated cause. Now, forgetting it all, just pointing him as the reason for the downtrodden Telangana area is just not fair. Things can be gotten done, even when unified. Railroad, education funds, agricultural help, water share, employment share, everything can be bettered when we dont sell the vote, when we dont sell ourselves and as an educated youth, we should educate the rest of the people to understand the intricate details and guide them towards progress isnt it?? or then what is the use of our education....

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