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Dec 9, 2009

Dear Daughter - 8

Dearest LO:

It has been 9 nine months in the belly and 9th month in the world outside. Let me say, I love you, love you, love you and love you to the power of infinite. It hurts me to see you sad, and sadly, you have been the target of a lot of ailments this past month. You have gone down drastically in terms of weight but the smile on your lips is intact which is what is keeping me going without breaking down. It has been a month of sickness, first the cold, cough, and fever, then the diarrhea, then the fall from the walker, then the cold again, then the lactose intolerance. It seemed to be a never-ending battle that we were facing collectively against germs and bugs seemingly attacking the kids all over.

It is amazing how easy it is for you to forget pain or pleasure in a moment and live the life of a saint, everything is momentary for you. You feel it at that moment and then you are back to normal self, enjoying/going through each moment as it comes and what it gives, no expectations, no disappointments, nothing as of now. No matter how many toys you have, you find your pleasure in plastic wrappers, empty powder tins, packaging boxes, news paper, mud, sand, leaves anything but the toys once you are done with the quota of play for the day.

It feels good to see that pleasure in your eyes when you get a new toy... anything, any little gift, any little toy lights up your eyes, brings a squeal to your voice and the happy scream is more than worth the effort in picking it up. You are not yet at a age where you measure the value of the gift by price or by size, it is just that it is new and bright that matters to you... Just wish that quality of yours is never lost in this materialistic world. Another thing I love about you is that you dont mind to share your toys, you dont mind to be content with what you have in hand and hand over the remaining happily to the kids playing with you. Great kiddo, way to go, share it.. it is with one toy you play at a time, so why not let them.. good job!!!! I also notice that you dont get depressed if someone pulls the toy from you, just give them a look, try to get it and if they dont give it, just pick another and go about it.. wow, that is cool, when will I learn to do that.. or when will I ever re-learn to do it.

Coming to that, there are a lot of things that you taught me. Isnt it the other way it should be. Forgive this mom for not being able to teach you anything. I guess you know everything and it is my duty to not let you forget what you already know..

***You wake up very early in the morning and go about playing with yourself and enjoy that quality time with yourself even if i dont wake up. (point 1, dont let you lose that habit because I myself want to sleep a little more).
***You are so very dedicated to learn anything new, and you just don't rest until you perfect that, be it a new word, a new task like rolling over, sitting, trying to stand.. you just dont rest, your thoughts, focus and everything is on the task at hand, way to go.. if you go that way, you will attain anything you want to.
***Constant learning.. everything is very new to you, every sound, every sight, everything, you absorb everything and set about knowing it more. It is one thing that as an elder, we tend to forget, we tend to say okay, I give up, i cant learn anymore. When a kid who knows nothing builds up a vocabulary so strong, why cant we well-learned and well-grown adults do the same, there is always a place to grow, to learn, to absorb.. life is a constant struggle to learn and put to practice what is learnt.
***You show the same love and affection to everyone irrespective of caste, creed, race, color, size, shape, and even what species they belong to. Great kiddo, be just the same.. there will come a time when you need to be aware of a few things which I would certainly let you know but for now, spread the same cheer.

and coming to what you personally made me realize are
I can do anything if I want to no matter how many distractions
I need to take care of myself first to take care of you
I need to keep my mind fresh and happy so that it doesnt affect you even in the minutest way.. so, with you in my life there is a whole lot of order to it.
I need to keep the smile on my face with no sign of anger, not just at you but any one in general, so you taught me what everyone else had failed to do, put a tab on my unusually strong anger.

Was scared to look after you as a baby so tiny in my hands, just about a little more than both my palms put together and looking back, it is no big deal that I did that, you have been such a wonderful baby guiding me all through and cooperating at every step. I still remember the ringing words in my ears of your doc "chettu meeda pakshulaki evari help untundi, they manage with a kid on top of a tree and balance them right".. yes, you gave me the courage to beat the odds and showed me the strength within that I did not know existed. That smiling face, that naughty look in the eye vanishes any sign of tiredness. People do call me a good mom at times but dearest baby it is because of a great baby like you that I get to be that.

You have been the best I could have asked for so far but you scared the hell out of me being constantly sick for a while one after the other and with a drastically down appetite. Just hope it is the teething trouble and those pearly whites do kick in and finish off this phase fast.

Your vocabulary has increased a lot and you keep practicing new two-letter combination words all the time.. to leave you with a few thaatha, atthha, paapa, babababa, amma, nyanya, ayya, aao aao, and a lot more in gibberish which neither my tongue nor my writing skills can replicate here.. way to go kiddo...

and yeah, you are not tooooooo good either before you start dancing up, you are way too naughty to keep amma on her old toes :((( trying to crawl up and fall down in the process hurting yourself and scaring the hell out of poor amma.. be good kiddo, dont fall, be brave and yeah just be as good.. I might not deserve all this goodness but I dont mind it you know :).

Love you loads.....


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Renuka said...

You know what sree...i was waiting for this letter. As always, filled with lots of love & values :)

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