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Dec 26, 2009

Dimma Tirigindi!!! Tiwariki kaadu... naaku!!!

I am pretty much back to normal and thanks for the wishes and concern..

TV sanyasam laantidi okati untey adi nenu teesesukunte potundi kada daily BP tecchukotam kantey... but alaaga cheste manam manamenduku autaam.. kukka toka vankara, gatra saametalu naalanti vaallakosam kanipettina sametalu annamaata... but mostly it is erakkapoyi pettanu irukkupoyanu types annamata... ponlendi nenu TV alaga poraadukuntoone sahajeevanam chesestu untaam, tappetlu ledu.. TV choodakapote frog in the well aipotaanemo already oorlo untunna ane oka feeling, chooste konnallaki Erragaddo, Vizago gati aipotundi ani oka peekulaata.. kuyyo, morro, labo, dibo, waammo, waayyo..

Coming to the point of the post..

N.D. Tiwari, the honorable governor, the first citizen of the state, allegedly involved in some heinous acts, and a news channel supposedly got the information more than a month ago, got the proofs about 4 days ago, but after a lot of discussion decided to air only yesterday, the only day when Bandh was called off and the city was taking a breather. uhhu..uhhhu... I dont like it!!!!

I dont support that guy, well he is an octogenarian and I dont outright deny anything because perversion comes in many forms but still the way it was aired... everything right down from the anchor's voice-over to the background song to the content was downright dirty, nasty, vulgar and in cheap taste... and the worst part was shameless self-propaganda.. "prapamcha vyaaptamga prasamsala velluva" my foot!!! and the callers, the sms texts read, the people in the studio, the ones the channel caught on the road, everything is outright cheap publicity and nothing else. Congrats ABN, sensation in e-news media, dammunna channel, Vemuri Radhakrishna garu great... chevulu chillulu padutunnay sontadabba vinaleka

As per the channel, the news was leaked to them by a lady called Radhika, a very close aide to N.D. Tiwari for whom Raj Bhavan was a guest house whenever she was in the city and in fact, she was the one who got the ladies the job there in the first place in exchange of some some favors. She wanted some mine license or whatsoever but when that did not materialize she exposed it all.. great!! what a legible source and what credible information.

I am a woman myself, I have a daughter, I am pro-women progress and all that but I am not into out and out feminist approach. I would be among the first ones to do something constructive to empower the oppressed woman rather than give talk and lectures. I find the content as well the act completely shocking, but more than what NDT has done, it is the channel that is stripping them naked.

they have been tortured
they have been used
they are innocent
he is a brute
he cannot be forgiven
he should be taught a lesson

I agree with each and everything but is that the means.

Women going berserk seeing it all, shouting at the top of their voices, crying foul is not at all acceptable.. there was some leader giving an eloquent speech as to what needs to be done and what she knew about such things but why is it conveniently forgotten that it is the woman in the first place who sent the girls, she might be denying now but knowing the reputation and being that close to that guy, how could she do that to the fellow-women and why the hell is she bothered to expose it now.. because she fears threat for her life... phony.. very very phony!!!

A news channel especially has no viewership restrictions, that is, it is supposedly to be viewed with the whole family, forget whole family, I just could not watch those visuals with my mom in the room.. what the hell is going on in the name of exposing the truth!!!

Great, as a society-conscious, duty-driven channel ABN has telecast it, thanks to that people have realized what was actually happening in the Raj Bhavan and finally they succeeded in getting him out of the post and there were demonstrations and all everywhere seeking an explanation for what went wrong. But why is the channel still continuing with those Z-grade clippings time and again in spite of orders from the high court.

In one corner I still doubt the credibility of the news aired and I am also kind of finding it strange that no one else but the said "Dammunna channel" exposing the news is bothered to report it. Okay, they unearthed the big issue but there has to be a mention some where, some place, otherwise publicity hungry channels have interestingly kept away from it. Not even mentioned in the passing. I get Eenadu newspaper, no I am not pro-kamma, pro-TDP, or Pro-anything.. it is just out of habit than anything else, and it is strange that there is not even a mention anywhere. If the news is true, it should be published giving due credit to the source, if it is not, then they should show proofs against it but totally ignoring it!!!! Something fishy!! I cant point my finger on it because I am a novice, I am a layman, all I can do is go by instincts and I just dont feel it is right.

and coming to the said channel, it is a new channel, it wants to get set and get noticed amongst the big fishes in the market and get all the attention, so collect something really sensational.. yes, they got it. I am pretty sure there are many many more people involved in this but why single NDT, because he is an outsider in the state, old man who cant retaliate and cause any damage to them in the future!!!

Exposing truth is always welcome and we ABSOLUTELY need to know what is going on.. but surely not this way!!! and surely not with any personal motives whatsoever...

In a nutshell, I just dont find it normal!!!! does anyone feel the same or is it just an isolated me...

and by the way... Haritha Andhrapradesh, samaikhya Andhra Pradesh, Suwarna Andhra Pradesh... good to hear, but seem to be things of past.. it is just Bhaya-Andhra Pradesh these days and looks like for many many days to come!!!


Satish Bolla said...

bhale raasaav akka. enni saarlu india vellinaa ee ABN channel okka 2 minutes kuda chusina gurthu ledhu. antha chetha channel anukuntaa.

ainaa veedu okkade kaadhu. prathi news channel ilaane thagaladindhi

Satish Bolla said...

veellu maararu. ainaa janaalaki kuda entertainment leka pothe veellaki TRP raadhu.

Kulpreet said...

Hi Sree!

First time to your blog, I agree with your views. These news channels, something needs to be done. You can't just mislead the public into believing something without anymuch substance, by using graphics, voice modulation and some cheap marketing tricks. I think the news has become a marketable commodity in today's world. It's sickeneing.

syamd said...

What is your point? I didn't get? Exposing this type events is not right? Or doing such things is not right? or both are not right? Or delaying the news?

I don't see anything wrong in the way this woman waited for something to materialize. Or the channels waited for some days before airing the news. Thats how the system works. Do you think Mahatma's followers are running the press? Business people are running it. They need to make profit!

Chedu maatlada raadu... chedu vina raadu... chedu kana raadu... ani cheppina Telugu master lu retire ayyaka daggu madu kooda konukkune paristiti lo leru...! chedu maatladina vallu, sensation create chesina vallu... kotlu lakshalu pogesukuntaru... Thats how we are.

Anyways... Tiwari saheb is a womanizer. Until few years back there was some case going on... some lady (Ujjwala Sharma... I think) claimed that Tiwar is her son's father.

Womanizer's don't change no matter what they achieve and where they go. Look at Ruchika and Rathore case. A DGP molested a 15 year old girl. God knows what are the motives behind these incidents + why they are coming into public.

It is clearly told in our mythology... All major problems revolve around three primary things... power, money and woman.

You should seriously consider implementing the first thought in this blog... "TV sanyasam".

Sree said...

my point is nothing is right.. I hate the way it has been projected by that said channel time and again.. if you happen to see how it was showed time and again and how people were glued to it including school kids is what made me feel sick.. Yes NDT is a womanizer, he is a sicko, wierdo.. they showed, they exposed it... what is the background.. why the self-dabba, why the damn repetition.. I am against uncensored, yellow-journalism than anything. there are perverts but the media these days is the real pervert with a studio, a channel, a satellite and loads of people being fooled and played.

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