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Dec 16, 2009

Time for Political Music?????

The one song which is bombarding the news channels the past few days is the video song advertisement by Lagadapati in favor of united Andhrapradesh. Yes, it is very good, no doubt about it. In fact, the first time I heard it, I was happy the govt. or that particular channel could come up with something this good, to bring about awareness but then at the end the title -- mee lagadapati glaring out aloud that this was another political campaign took out the essence of it all.. there were a lot of questions in my mind...

okay.. so when did KCR give his fast ultimatum
when did he start the liquid supplement diet (I refuse to accept that is a fast-unto-death in anyway because of obvious reasons)
when did Chidambaram give his separate state initiation statement
When did Lagadapati open his voice
When did he make this video.. it is obvious that it is made in rush.. so this rush could have been well accepted if it were to be done earlier when voices of separation were raised.

and where was he all the while for the past month or so.. he knew what the fast was for all through right???? I would have appreciated and felt it was genuine if it were launched the day the voices for separation were raising their hood.. now even that beautiful song stinks and screams out aloud a sheer political agenda to me... nothing else... I agree with all the points.. but as bolded in the text what Lagadapaati sees, according to me, is the pasidi meda in terms of thousands of crores of his very own properties out there... Samaikhyandra is really good but it doesnt sound convincing after all this...

The otherwise soothing voice of Gazal Srinivas screaming out through lungs doesnt really bring out anything in me.... each scream in emunnadi brings out the feeling as if the politicians are screaming out loud "naakemunnadi" that is it!!! Is it just me or do people out there agree too????!!

By the way, lyrics of Lagadapati song go like this....

Oyi teluguvaada, pada adey velugu vaada, manakalala pasidi meda.. tagadinti naduma goda.. --oyi--
anna kashtaalenno orchi orchi gunde mandi kinuka rechi (couldnt get this word, pljease let me know if you do)
satyagraha ranam chesi, oka tandre dhaaraposi
daayadula vennu vanchi, sonta gadda samaarjinchi
telugu jaati paruvu penchi, samaikhyatanu nirvacchinchi
ipudu raashtra patam chinchi chinchi... emunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi --oyi--

ituraa o sodarudaa.. o naa chelikaada
manadey ee pedda chettu, ee challani needa
andhra, seema,telangana, okkokatoka ooda
prati ooru, prati palle, telugu chettu kaada, pattincham anuko ippudu
verupaatu cheeda.. inkemunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi --oyi--

jaati mahaa yaatra ilaa saage povaali gaani -2-
nadumana mana adugulu tadabadipote, nadakalalo vadipote
manaku manaku chedipote, gontula sruti vidipote, kalayika sandadipotey, oka snehapu mudipote
tadipote.... emunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi --oyi--

If nothing, I am sure these politicians could make money writing and directing movies and ads.. err.. they already are into it right.

The very same leaders who used to sing bhajans and songs in favor of Sonia are now raising their voices against the decision at the center. Well, what did they think.. it was pass the blame game when it came to a deciding factor, when KCR was threatening, when Telangana area was boiling everyone was supporting their cause openly or otherwise, supporting them and the others were conveniently silent because they knew it is not going to happen anyway so why become bad and spoil the image in Telangana areas, let the movement take it course, it will die on its own and then we can think and decide and talk. What else is the reason for staying quiet when KCR drama was unfolding in the state.

I personally would have applauded the relay hunger strikes all over remaining AP had they been initiated on the day KCR went on his. What did the silence all over mean, what should the center take a hint from, our silence right.. so they did what was the need of the hour. Since, only Telangana voices were heard and rest were either in support or just watching silently and cautiously to move their pawns in this vicious game, it is the common man who is suffering. A govt. employee gets paid, a s/w employee gets paid, a private limited employee gets paid but what about the poor laborer who gets paid only when he slogs throughout the day.. what happens to a road-side hawker whose family depends on what he earns for the day. What about so many daily wage workers who depend on a day's hard work and toil to have a meal in their plate. Is the common man interested in all this.

I would say no, it is just a few political vultures and high-fi investors who are scared about the downward spiral or I would see this high-drama now as their own vested-interest move, okay what wrong, let us go forward with the agitation, if the center bends down fine, if not and there is separation, we will still be in the top cadre.. shame on them!!

I see leaders like Nannapaneni extending support to all the people doing the fasts across the state irrespective of the parties in fact kissing lagadapati good luck and crying with Devineni Uma, wow, they make great pictures, but do people really really believe and now Chiru jumping into the samaikhya bandwagon.. If I am not too senile, Saamaajika Telangana was in their manifesto or whatever and what about Telugu Desam party they were hand in glove with TRS right. Just a matter of months and we see so many changes. It is heartening see them unite but yes they would do anything to stay in limelight. What I am not able to understand is why is an educated understanding and otherwise intelligent common man throwing a blind eye and going with the flow of these evil-minded manipulative manners.

and JP sir, as usual, you say, you are pro-telangana if it is achieved using constitutional means but sir, this just wont work.. you have to take a stand, either you are for it or you are not for it. You are an able administrator, well learned and man of ethics but a leader should also be able to make us see the path if not very clearly, at least vaguely. You go by the book, you want people to go by the law.. yes, we will. LSP is the only party a lot of people like me look up to in terms of a response on what is going on and time and again, I personally am disappointed. This is one party where people go on their own, each member in the party is there because they want to see the change, they want to go by lawful means, they want to achieve something with an able guide like you because we are otherwise without a direction. Agreed, it is a small minority, very very small indeed but even that small group would scatter if such is the noncommittal attitude.

I happened to see a video in response to Lagadapati's ad

which I felt is true too... why the unnecessary issue, the bill has to pass, the decision has to be made and then comes the talk of plus or minus Hyderabad or whatever why all the high drama obstructing day-to-day life other than personal motives.

A poetical political reply to this by Mandaati Satyanarayana is something which goes along these lines..
orori lagadapaati jagadaalu maanaventi
badayi vadilipettu, ladaayi kattipettu
idi telangana gadda, nuvu marchipoku bidda
nee valla bratuku chedda, maa gunam manchi dodda
idi kaadu neeku adda, nuvvu enni vagalu paddaa

I am left in no doubt that there is no immediate solution whatever, will the people pro-Telangana keep quiet if the government backtracks on its promise. Wont it be a prestige issue to them.. forget the prestige issue, arent emotions already ruling the roost!!! Present day Andhrapradesh is clearly an example of what happens when each person goes in a different direction, what happens when a political party keeps itself together after wavering quite a lot on its stand.. To an outsider it all seems messy and I have my non-AP friends asking me hell a lot of questions as to why things out of hand... my reply is like I really dont know.. it was bound to happen a long while ago, an outcry to have progress by people but it is sad that even that outcry is being used by politicians in a different way..

One very strange out of the blue question that blew my fuse was..."okay, a movement of this magnitude happens only after a lot of oppression and anger, so why is it that everything was calm until YS death.. you think his accident was really an accident????" this was my friend from Karnataka, whose family moved from AP to Karnataka a couple of generations ago, who is right now in Mexico, who is kind of startled by such a huge outcry all of a sudden. I am like.. NO WAY, THIS CANT BE, NOO way, No way, no way and then again oh, no I never thought in that angle and it is a big NO.

So, a whole lot of confusion, a whole of lot of drama, a dash of reality and a lot of media-fed lies, dont know where we are heading to.. am confused, or is there any other big term or a new term to actually bring out the state I and a whole lot of people like me are in...

PS: Hari, I am not able to comment on your posts.. loved the Sonia one and it is so true, to a large extent it is that attitude which made us see the day like this.. can you leave me your mail id in comment.


Renuka said...

Sree.."Kinuka rechi" ante "kopam perigi" ani ardham vasthundi anukunta...if not accurate, atleast near by meaning.

BTW, as always, this post is deep & constructive.

Kalpana said...

Yes true raa... Politicians pedda dramale play chesthunnaaru... Adi ippudu chepthaa appudu chepthaa ani now they are dragging this issue till 23rd... They don't have any idea what a common man is going through...

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