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Dec 18, 2009

I am Hurt and Angry.. Edited!!

...hurt because someone I trusted to be a genuine blogger with a cause and a purpose turned out to be yet another plagiarist.
...angry because I let myself fooled around all this while thinking it was a genuine effort.

So, those who bother to wonder about my status in messenger and this post title, be rest assured I am fine personally and so is the little one. It is just that my feelings are hurt in a little way.

and yes, I have hurt someone else' s feeling too in the process by putting it up here because the said person would be embarrassed in front of the viewership.. well, not really I have a very less readership and I dont really publicize the blog as much.. It is just my very close friends who care to follow regularly and the rest I really dont know.. a few by chance and a few by choice..

Okay, I understand the intentions were genuine and the error was inadvertent, so let things be...

To be honest, when I found people like Mad Momma, Kiran and others fighting it out against plagiarism I was like, okay what is so much of hue and cry about.. why cant we just think that okay these guys just dont have it in them and simply lift from ours, big deal??? Like they say, you wont feel the heat until you experience it.. I did, I would have laughed it off if it were to be anyone else... I feel bad because I thought this guy is different and he does have enormous potential. Just wish such things dont happen by mistake also.

I still feel the kid does a good job, and wish he would just continue to do it but please give credit where it is due...

The anger if you get it was not against what happened to me, it was against the trust factor.. maybe I had too many expectations from the person to take it lightly and brush it off.. anyways Good luck!!!

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