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Dec 22, 2009

JP At His Best..

Well, wow.. wow.. finally, he speaks.. and how does he... Good to hear a valid, to the point discussion... he is angry, he is that very silently violent in putting his view across!!!

Check it HERE.

and by the way, I dont feel anything wrong in Chiru's question.. I have always pointed that PRP is outright copy-cat glamour-masala-added version of JP's Loksatta at least in their manifesto or whatever they are trying to portray though there is hell a lot of difference in implementation... so, maybe Chiru was waiting this long to give a view after listening to JP talk... he asked what his stand is, so that he would go with it...

He still shows no bias towards anything, he still shows no miracle-solution but yes, his strong personality comes across clearly...

Please do pass it on, please do ensure that his views are passed across.. 'cos usually he is not heard as much thanks to his no-nonsense, no-drama attitude.


Sunita said...

Absolutely clear in his thoughts and speech, Thanks for sharing the videos Sree..! Just like a lot of others away from home, I have been getting frustrated with the selfishness of the current politicians.. He is such a fresh breath of air. If only our so called leaders and politicians have one ounce of selflessness, a single thought about what the common man really wants, people wont be losing sleep over bandhs etc.

Ramesh said...

Thank you so much.
I could not control my laugh listening to sense piercing and shattering the stupidity so politely.

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