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Dec 25, 2009

Media -- When and Why Did It Get So Bad...

I am kind of scared and wary of media propaganda these days.. Gone are the days, when I used to rely on newspapers to know what I did not know, watch TV news to gather what has happened in the day, a half-hour news bulletin in Telugu, English, and Hindi. The anchors were not too glamorous, remember Shanti Swaroop, Salma Sultaana and others.. it was beauty of their pronunciation rather than the bodily beauty. The primary focus was to bring the viewers the events of the day in half an hour, so put in as much vital information as possible which affects their day-to-day life or by and large the political life and then there were special news bulletins when time permitted. Newspapers were just what they were meant to be, papers which shared news with the readers and made them aware of the surroundings. They were, I thought, not as sold-out as they are now.

Any paper I open also has a channel, they support a party, a community, or a region for their own benefit, no two papers report the incident the same way it has actually happened. Like someone dies... each paper/channel adds masala for its convenience and bring it out rather than straight reporting. Where are the good days of reporting and valid and good reporting gone. Now, reports throw shoes at speakers, they are a cult, they kind of manipulate everything to suit their needs.

My first hatred and awareness about media being ruthless and news hungry came with one incident which I recollect very clearly, in 1997, a blast occurred during a shooting near Ramanaidu studios targeted on Paritala Ravi in which even TV crew were killed because of the impact.. It was 12 yrs. ago, but I clearly remember a victim crying out aloud for water and the reporter kept asking him questions instead of providing water.. there was blood, there were body parts strewn all over, there was flesh, there were cries, on top of it all.. there was need for HELP.. but the reporters chose to give coverage to increase the TRPs rather than helping them out.. that day, something died in my young mind.. the trust that news are to make us aware of what is happening and something started creeping in for them there is no need to CREATE news to market themselves.

Then came the Moddu Seenu interview, a private news channel caught this criminal on escape mode and made him a hero.. why the police did not register a case on the channel is still a mystery to me.. then the Veerappan interviews with Papers, TV channels, did not help the situation either.

Then came blows one after the other but the most significant was the 26/11 attack and the media coverage on it. Even topmost and credible journos like Barkha Dutt have seem to lost it and the mad frenzy to capture the event and ignoring the actual news and common made me grow more averse to the media.

Coming to the local media, TV-9, or the advent of TV 9 has made it worse, they take one issue and repeat it again and again and again unnecessarily... issue of Swapnika around the same time last year and the media behavior when she succumbed to the acid attack and also the number of "premonmaadi" stories they show, the programs neralu-ghoralu, crime watch, this and that and what not, everything screams of dirty poisoning of minds and a shameless war at TRP ratings rather than public good. To be honest, I liked its motto when they began, like they would expose the evil and against corruption and all that... but time and again, I have been hearing things that even made sense with small fish being exposed and how come never a big fish got caught... there was some incidents which made my head reel and shake in disbelief in which I was made to believe that they do catch the corruption on camera, but do they actually show that to public.. NO, I dont think so.. because like most of the people keep saying they show it to the parties involved first and settle some deal and then decide whether or not to go about airing it.. and I am gradually coming to believe the same because nothing serious ever is unearthed, the exclusive features they show are disgusting like the visuals on YS's death scene and all that and gory details of murder/accident sites and all that.

Media in AP has lost its meaning and I am not really sure about other parts of the nation. Papers have an individual agenda, to top it each leading newspaper has a channel to vouch for its news. So, if I care to get a real picture I guess I just need to go down to that place and figure out what is happening rather than relying on the media to feed me up with the data.. seriously, it is that bad!!!!!

Why is senseless talk of a politician shown a hundred times over and why is a politician like JP just heard once in a while.. why are his views not publicized giving us an impression he does not respond at all.. that is because for a news to be printed/shown there has to be a packet and the more the weight of the packet the more is the coverage.. is it so??? or is it because honesty and truth do not make TRP material, they do not sell the news as does the masaledaar politics. So, what is the main point here... money, TRP, news in the real sense, popularity.. what??? what rules the roost, what speaks... I would surely say.. MONEY AND POWER DOES... just that and nothing else...

They give some news and steal the credit for everything, watermarking the visuals as well, if there is no news they create one and sell it across, so when Chiru's daughter was eloping only that was the focus for the day.. so nothing else moved in AP is it?? or when some sick guy does an acid attack everything else takes a back seat, when politics are hot, there is no such thing even in the remote corner.. so when there is some big news to cover the airtime with spicy news all is well in AP is it??.. and when there is nothing then comes the sting attacks on girl ditches boy, boy blackmails housewife, NRI tortures wife, etc., these do happen everyday but get coverage only when there is no other spicy news.. sick, sick, sick....

everything speaks loud and clear that they do not have any public interest but their own interest... they are into flood relief but through their channel, through their paper, to claim how much they do, people lined outside claim, we actually did not want to donate but the so and so channel made me do that and i have come all the way to thank it... cha... what is the solution?

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