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Dec 9, 2009

A Red Letter Day???

The much awaited day for the separatists has dawned.. at the strike of midnight or close to it, the statement comes out.. they do give it a nod, the process of initiation is going to happen and KCR drinks juice.. well, when was he actually fasting by the way?????? Since the govt. is anyway going to declare a separate state, why not go for a fast and get undue credit is the motto was it.

Beware Telangana people.. let us not make it another Uttaranchal or Jharkhand if and if it happens.. and by the way, that leaves me confused as to where I belong to now.

Born in coastal Andhra, brought up in Hyderabad, residing everywhere in the nation. what does that make me??? So, next time I step in Hyderabad, will that be another state I am traveling to... shocking even when prepared. truth takes time to sink in or will it??

Good luck each and everyone of us who is as confused as I am and good luck to those who are pretty happy at the outcome 'cos you need to maintain the same in the future too... Good luck generation next.. so where do we begin.. Rayalaseema or Uttarandhra??? take your pick!!!! and we need to gear up for whirlwind changes soon.. shaking my head, shaking it strong, shaking it wild but will that help it sink in any faster?

Manasulo Maata -- on a lighter note, if it passes the initiation phase.
KCR group: Hammayya, bodylo unna beemaarilannitiki free treatment aipotadi, peruki peru vastadi, CM, Home, Revenue, okatenti family familyni dimpestaam inka dopideeki.
Chi... aa mushti padavedo KCR ki appudey tagalettestey inta dooram vacchedi kaadu, naa properties anni subbaramga undevi kada.. sigh, sigh, sigh.

Why didnt we give it earlier on and make another strong cong state in the nation, now this KCR shares this glory.

Good, we have a strong foothold in coastal areas, we can show this as govt. failure to put the state together and try for power.
: Emaite naakenti, melligaa aalochinchi, discuss chesi teerikaga oka statement paaresi naa koduku career meeda concentrate chestaa, adey better.
JP: Vacchindi ani sambaramkaadu, cheyyalsindi choodandi, otu hakkuni viniyoginchukondi, manchiki cheduki teda telusukondi.. ippatikaina kallu terichi kotta raashtraanni teerchididdukondi.. daaniki naa vantu saayam eppudu untundi.

Common Man: Ento ee gola, emaina ratelu taggutaya landsvi, enta taggina tinadaaniki tindi kosam pade tippallo sonta illu koodana enti... aina cost of living taggutundaa, tindi, gudda, neeru, chaduvu annitiki noru teruchuku choodalsindekada.. naa bratuku ekkada vesina gongali akkade kada..


Renuka said...

Though on a lighter note...its very true. Personally, i'm not happy with whats happening in state now. Uncertainty still rules.Huh!!!!!!

Hari said...

ee post chadivina tarvata malli naalo uncertainity......The whole hyderabad....Hyderabadu ki bokka padindiiii

Kalpana said...

Rightly conveyed...

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