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Dec 20, 2009

Who is Common Man By the Way??

Well, when I go back and look at my posts, I seem to address common man in third person.. hmm.. well, who is he by the way.. it is just one of us, you and me I mean.

If a common man writes his plight.. it would go like this...

my life is a struggle from moment to moment to moment...
...a struggle to put a square meal in my mouth and feed my family the same.
...a struggle to get them educated and raise above the current level of life that I personally am leading.
...a struggle to keep myself and my family healthy by maintaining hygiene and being extra cautious about my surroundings and me.

I am not bothered if I am in a unified state or a separate state, all I am worried about is what I have to shell out to fill my plate with food... the prices have grown multifold in a very short span.

I can say, by God's grace, I am from an okay-to-do financial background but still there are few things that pinch my pocket as well as my soul...

**the rising rice price (my staple diet).
**the rising grocery price (my everyday needs).
**the rising veggie price (my everyday nutrition needs).
**the rising cost of medicine (my once in a while need or with the kind of food and tensions we have maybe a daily need too in a few cases).
**the rising cost of living (touch anything and it is burning hot in price).

I was fighting it out against all odds all these days to give a peaceful life to my daughter and I am sick (Goddamnit I am, I might deny and say all is well, but no I seriously need some Goddamn medical attention immediately before I am way beyond repair) and what is stopping that, interestingly the bandh going on.. 'cos I am scared to leave my daughter at home and go visit a doctor in the hospital because I am not sure if and if i would reach home for that day or if my visit would be a success because people are shutting down all the places... well, mine is not a life-threatening issue but still it is a major concern.

I have to eat something good, but there is nothing on the road due to bandh, no veggies, no fruits and if there is something, I seriously have to rethink if I can actually afford it.. (yes, I have to with the sky-high prices).

If it is the situation of an educated, well-to-do individual, I cant imagine the plight of others with serious ailments.

I see taxi drivers, daily hawkers, street hawkers, etc. mourning on their lost livelihood for the day.. yes, there are still people around who earn and live by the day and sadly they are starving.

Any leader who wants to go on a liquid diet under medical supervision goes on a hunger strike, their followers create a ruckus, demand this and that, burn effigies, stop the traffic, close the shops, and TV channels, my God do not even mention them.. feed up all lies, how they lie is for another post but for now in my opinion if we ban all the TV channels for a couple of days, and stop the newspapers for a while, it would be really really good. With no propaganda, the issue would die down on its own or maybe not spread this fast..

I am sick and I am tired, both literally and figuratively.. I just want some break, I just want normal life, I just want to roam around freely and get my work done. I do not want to live like a captive in my own motherland, in my own village, in fear of what might happen the next moment. I dont want Andhra, I dont want Telangana, I dont want Seema, I am not bothered if it is unified or broken down into 24 different states, all I am bothered is I am well-fed, my neighbors and the people I see everyday are well-fed, I want kids going to school, I want people walking on the road fearlessly, I want life.. happy, sad, bad, mad, whatever it is, I want life back to normalcy.. it is maddening staying at home, waiting for things to happen when clearly nothing is happening other than high-current political drama..

Me, a common man is no way bothered... we want it to end,. So, if the majority (yes we happen to be the majority, we happen to be the king makers) is suffering because of minority who wants power, who wants money, then who is at fault.. me to vest the minority with such a high power or they who wield the power I give to them.

I am confused, I am sad, I am sick, I am hopping mad for letting this thing go out of hand.. is there an end to it soon? or is there an end ever???

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