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Dec 31, 2009

The Year That Was....

This past year has been an year of so many challenges and changes both in my personal as well as social life.

Do I want this kind of an year ever again in life.. NO... but still, it is a year which will hold the key role in a lot of my future decisions.

Did time fly by...well, for the initial 4 months it was like "when would this end" and the later 8 months was like when did this begin.

Personally, 2010 is
...A year which made me go very near to the death and come back to life with new vigor and a very strong resolution to give people tit for tat immediately then and there and not let them involve/interfere/dictate/rule/LIVE my life for me, more so with my daughter in it.
...A year in which MY FAMILY or so-called showed its true colors and the one in which the long-lost bro and sis relationship emerged really really strong (touch wood).
...A year in which a new life which began within me came to life outside and is growing rapidly (touch wood).
...A year in which I got to know the true/naked faces of a lot of people eliminating the true friends from the fake and superficial ones.
...A year which made me realize the true potential in me and the extent of good/bad/evil that I can take.
...A year in which my health went from bad to worse to worst and is now in the path of recuperation (hopefully).

ALL IN ALL... a year which is a decisive and most critical one in the life for me and my daughter.

restarting the career after a long break and a turbulent one at that is really really tough.
...took some initiative to get back to the job, after a lot of ifs and buts, yes's and no's, whys and why nots I am getting there finally.. all the hard work that I put in to be there and everything that went into giving it up is absolutely nothing when compared to get it back on track.

I always believed in the fact that friends are the saviors.. we dont get to chose where we are going to be born and all but the ones that we handpick are the ones who give a meaning to your life and they have proven it right at each and every step in these turbulent times, cheering me up when down, guiding me when wrong, lending a shoulder to cry on, being there at every single step to check on me and my daughter and ensuring we did well.. Thanks guys, it did mean a lot..

A year full of downs and downs and downs, began badly, turned worse, and ended up worst. I personally feel the same is the case with media coverage as well... If the world is in bad shape economically and even in other ways, India is in worse, and AP the worst of it all.. I feel like collecting all the politicians at one place and deporting them to Pluto, so that the common man is happy.. you may ask why Pluto because it is the farthest known planet or semi-planet whatever.

Summing it up, it is a year best forgotten in someways, a best teacher in many ways, a hope-giver in a lot of ways and the best of it all, it gave me my daughter, my lifeline.. the worst, it ruined my health both physical and emotional.

This past December has been a month of sickness for both me and LO.. the last day of the year was the worst in those terms with her burning hot with fever above 101, red hot cheeks, red lips and the kid who hardly ever let a moan or cry, wailed throughout the night. It is sickening to see the kids sick, feel like putting her back in to the belly and going through it all and put her back after she is fit again :(... but anyways....

I welcomed this new year with her in my hands, playing although a little toned down, with cracked throat and all but a beaming smile on the face.. So, here I enter the New Year.. 2010, Twenty-Ten, giving farewell to 2009 and hoping to bade a farewell to LO's sickness forever and wishing and praying for a healthy and happy New Year which spreads cheer among everyone in the world.

I wish everyone, all the species, and every living organism (of course not the bacteria and virus)
a very

No, I dont have any resolutions other than BEING HEALTHY AND CALM, STAYING FIT.

Yes, I have lots of hopes to settle down and have some stability in life... building it from scratch is a bit tough but with a smile to die for and life to live for, it is all the more challenging, yet more beautiful.

Thank you God for everything...

and I end it with my childhood prayer for myself...God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference.


Alapana said...

I wish all your dreams come true, a happy new year to you and the kiddo. god bless.

Kalpana said...

Wishing You and Sreya All The Best!!!

Sunita said...

Wish you n Sreya a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful year ahead.. Amen to your wishes!

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