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Jan 6, 2010

Aaye Ho Mere Zindagi Mein...

The song on my lips these days is this....

Ennenno varnaalu, evevo andaalu... it is a blessing to be admidtst of nature... It has been really really long since I actually did what I wanted to.. back in Hyderabad, lack of space when a kid, lack of money when there was space and when there was money there was no time.. hota hai hota hai.. so, in the name of my kid, I am enjoying it all..... enough for a lifetime..

Chaamanti moggalu

There was a time when I used to mourn about the forgotten song and with my daughter, music has slowly come back into my life and yes, there is a whole lot of color... I just cant seem to stop smiling when I see her and yes, this is the point in life where I can say "hai mein marjaaoon" at each adaa of my jaaneman.. jaanebahaar, gulegulzaar... (paithyam baaga prakopinchindi kada ;)).

chilakamukku poolu

There are so many things we do together, so many mother-daughter moments but the most I like is the way we plant the flower beds. I am actually quite senti about LO doing anything, so it was really really heartening to see the tiny little plants, seeds we planted turn into full blooming flower plants. All these were planted by her... err.. dug and erected by me and buddu and final mud throwing ceremony and watering ceremony by LO... she enjoys those mud sessions, but she is yet to enjoy the flowers.. for her, at this moment they are something which have to be plucked, licked, and finally eaten.... So, it is a tough task to keep her from doing that otherwise, we both enjoy them from distance...

Ayeho meri zindagi mein tum bahaar banke
Mere dil me yuhi rehna.. hai..
mere dil me yuhi rehna tum pyar pyar banke.

Ankhon mein tum baseho.. sapne hazaar banke
mere dil mein yuhi rehna... haye..
Mere dil me yuhi rehna.. hai..
mere dil me yuhi rehna tum pyar pyar banke.

Tella Chaamanti
This is one of the songs that I really really like from Raja Hindustani, such a beautiful rendition.. just simply fell in love with it the first time I heard it.. and that is what I feel each time I see the kiddo smiling.. touchwood, touchwood, touchwood.

Bangaala Banthi
Manka nagar tha khaali.. sookhi padithi daali
holi ke rang pheeke benoorthi diwali
rimjhim baras padeho tumto puhaar banke... yes my LO you did... mmuaah!!!

It is amazing how the cheapest of things give you that deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction.. me and LO enjoy the paper mill so much when it moves with air.. it costs less but the joy it gives us is priceless... it is because of these sweet simple affordable pleasures that life becomes more beautiful and LO's smile along with these wonderful gifts of nature that recharges my tired soul and gives an energy to move forward.

Our little Windmill.. actually, the windmills of God... :).

When there is so much beauty around us and within us why is it that the human mind just gets stuck at the evil and mean mentalities, why doesnt it break-free of the shackles and enjoy itself every single moment.... the babies are really blessed to live each moment by the moment and for the moment... thanks LO for teaching me to LIVE again.


Kalpana said...

I love this... Happy for you!

Sunita said...

:) God bless u and Sreya.

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