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Jan 15, 2010

Dil Hai Chotaasa.. chotisi aasha..

Thanks Neelima for making my day with your comment. I really really loved your mom's funda...
Life begins when you decide to live.

It really really does, it is amazing how short sentences capture the essence of a big lesson. I kind of realized it a while ago and it is good to see so well put.

I feel that need to live the life each moment, it kind of suffocates me to follow the good old routine for the sake of family, friends, neighbors, and the so-called society. No one bothers to feed me a morsel when hungry, provide a shelter when I am homeless, give me a paisa when I am cash-less, so why?? why do I have to listen to anyone and let someone else live it for me.

It is simply amazing how little things cheer us up and get our batteries recharged for the tough grind ahead. I had been to a movie today.. Adurs. Do I like it.. YES, YESS, YESSS. Did I say already that I love that kid Jr. NTR. Buddodu iragadeesadu dances. It was good. Out and Out mass entertainer, very filmy film.. no story, no message, no extreme gory violence, no cheap vulgar dialogues, no unnecessary flesh show by ladies, I must say "aal iz wel" with this movie. Loved the kid, his dances, his fights, his dialogues, his mannerisms, everything. Good luck and God bless!!!

More than the movie, I guess the memories it brought back that meant more to me. It is heaven when you watch movie with close ones, no one to stop and ask you to be decent, no one to give you those you-know-you-are-mad looks. You can shout, yell, laugh out loud, boo, and even break into a jig if you like to. I went with my cousins, maid, mama, and atta.. made sure did not sit next to mama ;).. he would have said nothing too but you know I just dont feel comfortable shouting next to him :))))). Left the LO at home with my mom and enjoyed it to the core, threw glitters, screamed, and almost fell on to the floor laughing hard without any inhibitions.

eepaatiki artham ayyi undaali kada.. ledante cheppestunna
... manam neatga kanipinche naatu candidates
... edo kaasto koosto classga kanipinche oora mass gaallam annamata ;).

Would I do the same without my family next to me.. no never, it is just the security of that cocoon that made that real me come out.

Will I do it ever again, maybe yes, but mostly no.. it was just the group that went, the group that was in the few rows surrounding ours, it was basically the spur of the moment stuff...

To sum it up.. I have decided to LIVE TODAY and EVERY DAY of my life. I understand I am a mature, decent, respectable individual and most of all a mom who has to be an example for my daughter but still there are some very very personal moments for simple and pure personal pleasure and it is one of those.


Bhagi said...

gud to know that u've enjoyed ur self so much Sree....totally missing out on all the fun wahhhhhhhhhhhh....

Kalpana said...

Adurs movie naaku baagaa nachchindi... Good comedy. Hey, nee naatu enjoyment kudaa nachchindi... heheheee ;)

Neelima's mom dialogue superb and it's very true...

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