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Jan 8, 2010


I have been wondering of late as to what is happening to media and when i look back my blog almost looks like a tirade against them.

So, there has been a discussion or something telecast which pointed Reliance Mukesh Ambani to be the culprit behind YS's accidental death and all that.. His death has been controversial from day one with so many questions..

why did he start in bad weather.
why was an outdated, in-need-of repair chopper sent.
why was there a delay figuring out what happened to missing chopper.
why was there a delay in announcing the eventuality which almost a kid on the street knew.
why was there a leak-up now and then that something was really wrong.

Why were the suicides reported or why were fake suicides reported... why has no channel dared to report what the truth was.

I absolutely refuse to believe there were so many deaths following YS's death ranging into 100s, then why the hell did no channel bother to reveal the secret behind so many claims?? In this mechanical world, even if a person's very own child dies in front of one's eyes they still live on to lead the life. It is very very rarely that they die along with the child, so I absolutely refuse to believe that there were so many people dying just because a CM died that too by accident. Agreed, he has done a lot, given house, given free current, etc. but is that all they need for life.. nope. Almost everyone of us know the facts and figures are completely different but no one dares to open their mouth. It takes some national newspaper to come out with truth. Sad and unfortunate, no one dares to open their mouth.

There are so many things happening around which a common man knows, but no channel dares to expose it.. So why this sudden discussion based on something in a Russian website or whatever the hell it? Why is it that helpless and hopeless people are targeted. I dont really mean to say Ambani is helpless in anyway or ND Tiwari is for that matter but why are so many big fish still not caught????

For Ambanis it is just a few shops or outlets that are damaged, but for the employees and for the people involved in it.. what is it? why do they play with people's emotions.

and the journos arrested in relation to this and other people's outcry is hilarious... will they be saying the same if it were to be their houses which are looted and burned.. I dont really think so...

If we are taking about freedom of press, freedom of expression, then I would say that freedom is limited to truth, they are welcome to go to any extent for the sake of truth, for the sake of exposing the truth, for the sake of reporting the news and absolutely not for creating the news.

Thank heavens the damage is only to the property, if the same kind of reporting continues and some lives had been claimed who would take the responsibility.

Okay, it is wrong on part of TV-5 to be provocative, but isnt that is done by almost all of them.. and what about Sakshi which opens points CBN and Ramoji to be the hands behind YS' death... so, does that imply that people are now supposed to divert their anger on individuals.. where is all this leading to??????


Ramya said...

Yes you are right, facts always lies with in us as implied truths but no one reveals it.

syamd said...

Madam... seriously consider expanding "TV Sanyasam" to Media/news Sanyasam seriously.

More than 50% of your blogs are reactions to masala/media sensations.

syamd said...

JPs comments on current journalism... especially from 4:26...

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, baaga cheppav. ee news channels kuda alcohol laantivi. oka saari alavaatu aithe addict aipothaam. dhaani kosame ee yedhavalu TRPs etc antu janaalni ila mosagisthunnaru.

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